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Last updated: May 28, 2019

“I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.”  I feel that BSc healthcare science audiology is the ideal profession to fulfil this. I am confident that I can make a difference in people’s lives, with your support and guidance. I believe that my characteristics and skill sets are perfect for BSc healthcare audiology – I’m a responsible individual, caring, supportive, empathetic.

  The professional development within Audiology is very appealing to me and I admire the idea of entering a diverse and rapidly changing career. I enjoy working as part of a team and feel interpersonal skills would be utilized as an Audiologist.  I’ve done work placement at one of the largest UK healthcare centres, The Royal National Throat, Nose and ear hospital. I was given a thorough guide through the areas of consultancy, treatment and the dispensing of hearing aids, observing the audiologist’s day to day routine, fuelled my desire to study the degree. I was shown audiometers, cochlear implants and was given an understanding of how they support the patient hearing.  During the time I was there I was introduced to the other members of the Audiology team, such as the Audio Vestibular Physician, and was given an outline of their roles.

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I felt the work placement was inspirational, and even though I was only in the Ear and throat department for a short time, it proved to me that Audiology is the career that I am most suited to.  To further expand my knowledge of Audiology and its practices, I did extensive research on the subject, to ensure that it would be a suitable career path for me. I read several publications from The Society of Audiologists, most notably the publications on “Guidance on professional practice for hearing Aid Audiologists”  I feel the Audiology courses in the UK have so much more to offer, in terms of employability after the course, Employers look for vastclinical experience gained on UK courseswhich is essential for the successful introduction of newly graduated audiologists into their clinic. The standard and professional recognition that your course offers would also ensure that I would graduate a very capable Audiologist.

  I currently volunteer at my local Youth centreevery week, where I work as part of a team to provide a social outlet to children in the local community. I have also worked withpharmaceutical companies which has shown me my ability to establish trusting relationships quickly and has also proved that I can successfully interact with a diverse range of people.  I am very excited at the prospect of starting BSc HealthCare science audiology and if selected I hope, I can follow in the footsteps of your list of very successful alumni. 

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