I professional goal is to obtain a nursing degree.

 I grew upbelieving that college was not a necessity, especially for a girl. From a youngage, I was taught to think that the most respected people did not have degrees.My parents valued education but believed that due to the undeniable issues ofracism, sexism, and classism that I would not be able to obtain a prestigiouscareer despite my degree.

Throughout my childhood I continued to hear storiesof how immigrants had the highest degrees back home but as soon as they came tothe United States they were forced to work tough jobs for measly wages. Morerecently, I have come to realize that although an education may not guarantee afulfilling life, it will definitely allow me to grow as a person. DominicanUniversity is the place I want to continue my education because I know I willblossom there both socially and mentally. I was still a senior in high schoolwhen I first visited Dominican. I was amazed at how positive and welcomingeveryone was. My friend and I were on a tour and we managed to loose our group.We were not too anxious about go because the campus was beautiful, and we didnot mind a little wandering around.

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We ended up asking a group of students tohelp guide us back to where we started. They greeted usand kindly walked us all the way to back to our group. They showed me that Icould be comfortable in exchanging smiles with strangers and sparkingconversations with various personalities here. I know I will be able to networkand form life long bonds through an education at Dominican.I will begraduating with my Associates degree this spring. My professional goal is toobtain a nursing degree. I have always had a yearning to be in a field thatvalued others over oneself.

With Dominican’s rigorous health science collegeand hospital affiliations I will be on my way to becoming the most effectivenurse I can be. I have always prided myself on being able to recognize anindividual’s needs. This is what propelled me into the field of health care.  Just like a nurse needs to identify and addressthe unique needs of each patient; a college needs to address the unique needsof each one of their students.

It is evident that Dominican makes this apriority through their push to be an all-inclusive campus that provides smallenough class sizes where my needs can truly be met. An education at Dominicanwill change my life by giving me all necessary tools to reach my goals.

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