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I would define leadership as an authority one is having to show a way by example to their followers. That means; moving as head of others with inspirations towards achieving the same goal and as a director of actions. This definition is because, leading a group of people means there are vision and goals between them all since to get to achieving them, a leader has to a take role that move the group towards achieving them by examples, with inspirations and motivations. I see it is important that a leader speaks of doing, making their hands dirty, feel with others, and take the lead to actions but with positive effects on their followers. My definition of leadership before I came to ALU was; leading others to achieve their goals and seeing opportunity where there is a challenge. But now, in addition, I define leadership as a way of moving with their followers with empathy, motivations, and inspirations, leading by examples and transferring the ideas they have to them as they want them to get done and taking actions towards achieving their goals and replacing challenges with opportunities.Way back in my life, I see myself as a leader but still confused about what kind of leader I am and what is my style of leadership? When I was in secondary school, I was living with my grandma in a village. Our house is connected to the power grid but the power is not reliable.

My friend and classmate Dula who was also my neighbor had no electricity in their house. They were using kerosene wick lumps for their lighting needs and we had them too in our house for when the power is out. He was sometimes coming to our house to seek clean light to do his homework and together with me. But, sometimes it was difficult for us when the power went off because we had to use the kerosene lump or go outside the house if there is a shiny moon. This situation made me think of what could I do to help solve the issue. After I met with my friends Dave and Carly who works for VIDA and gave me a small solar lantern as a gift I started to think of solar as a solution to my friend Dula’s home lighting needs, but for my house and other people from my village with the same issue who are many. After I participated in an exchange program in the US, I was able to receive a $100 micro-grant at the end of the program that made me start a small chicken business and raised about $500 to start a small solar power project. I did that as a business that aimed to replace kerosene lumps from the off-grid household but also as an alternative to the power outage in on-grid houses.

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I was able to solve the issue from Dula’s house but at my house and at homes of a population of people in my village and surrounding villages. My friend Dula influenced me to take action and implement the idea that I didn’t have before but came up after the situation and helped change the villages since it increased study hours for us and other students but also working hours for the village shops. Also, there are a number of cases in Tanzania that old women are killed because of red eyes that are believed by the killers that it is because they use witchcraft. I see my formatives experience shaping the way I lead myself and engaging others since they make me continue to bringing close attention to the people I am designing a solution for and how it would meet their needs and address the issues they are facing currently.

I believe the world is complex but changeable. We need to thinking in a way that makes us see solutions to the challenges the world is facing and to finding justice to its complexity to make it a better place for everyone to live.

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