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Last updated: September 11, 2019

I am applying for Biomedical science because my enthusiasm to study this subject has originated from my passion for biology. I am mesmerized by the biomedical laboratory technology field and helping to make a diagnosis, surgical procedures, and health maintenance. After completing my studies at university I hope to gain a work placement within a hospital to further my knowledge and understanding of biomedical science. In my future, I wish to become a laboratory pathologist because the sense of discovery and the making of the unknown is captivating to me. While I admire the continual discovery that pathology provides during the extremely wide and endless variety of work.

 During my time at secondary school, I really enjoyed studying biology and therefore being a student of Science (Forensics) it gave me the opportunity to become more familiar with the field of science. My passion and understanding for science has only been enhanced from studying Science (Forensics) at college, although I am primarily drawn to biology and chemistry as I find the challenges during my learning has only increased my interest in the subjects. I am always amazed by the complexity during my learning of science and specifically the human body, DNA, organisms, and chemical reactions. Therefore, this crystallized my decisions to study Biomedical science as I wish to gain a wider understanding of the biological principles relating to the functions of the human body, the characteristics, and diagnosis of disease. During my time at college, my academic skills have developed through certain modules that I have enjoyed including a unit of microbiological techniques that have allowed me to be able to determine factors that influence the growth of microorganisms. Also, I was extremely interested in learning the unit of disease and infection because I have developed a wider understanding of how different types of diseases and infections develop and spread or fatal. Therefore, I would love to apply my skills and knowledge to this courseI have come across many challenges within my personal life and through this I have strong resilience which has helped me achieve the best within my education.

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I have resilience to challenges within my studies, such as being able to adjust to new teaching methods and different ways of learning, learning to study independently , and managing my workload. As my mother’s carer that holds many responsibilities, I have learned that I possess the energy, determination and to withstand difficulties. From becoming my mother’s carer, it has benefited me as I have acquired skills, for example, my communication skills, attention to detail, the ability to concentrate for long periods, empathy and understanding when working directly with people. Finally, being a full-time student, a carer to my mother and with other responsibilities has taught me how to manage the demands of my studies alongside the demands of other responsibilities.

My determination to study Biomedical Science was influenced by my mother who has helped mould me into the person I am today with my passion for science. I grew up watching many science-related documentaries that filled me with the knowledge that fascinated me and I was determined to explore more. Also, in my personal time, I love visiting science museums, to learn how the body has developed through time and reading books such as Charles Darwin’s On the origin of species. I believe I am suitable individual for this course because I am willing to travel to provide the best education and teaching diversity and I am ready to overcome challenges of the healthcare science practice. Overall, I am an extremely passionate and competitive  individual who is committed to expanding my knowledge in Biomedical Science. Furthermore, biomedical scientists have a huge role for a hospital to function, therefore I would extremely enjoy being apart of a system that supports such a major organisation.


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