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Last updated: October 1, 2019

 I am pleased to introduce you toMiss. Curie Nandeshwar who is applying for graduate program at yourUniversity.  In the capacity of herprofessor of computer engineering, I have known her for 3 years.  I have taught her ‘Operating system’, ‘Principalof compiler design’ .I have also assessed her during the lab sessions of’Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab’ and ‘Hardware Lab’.  In my opinion I found Curie to bea bright student. She was always upfront in getting her coursework done.

Shealways has been keen on knowing the insights of a subject and achieves athorough understanding of it. Her ability to visualize and link together thefundamentals of each subject is noteworthy. In a class of sixty, she completedthe course with the second highest grade during her fourth semester. Herpersistent efforts earned her first class with distinction during her finalsemester. It was during the 6th semester whenCurie presented her Junior Thesis on ‘Artificial passenger’. She devoted manydays researching on the topic and explored numerous resources achievingcomprehensive knowledge about the topic. She had meticulously put up the topicin her presentation and was one of the finest presentations.

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This showcased herresearch and presentation potential. Curie was a member of anchoring committee ofthe college and anchored many events. She also worked as an event coordinatorin the department’s annual event ‘Sparsh’. She always participated in the intercollege events or competition. One of the coding events named ‘C coder’ alluredmore than 100 participants across colleges and she was one amongst the last tencontestants to sustain the competition. Following year, she was elected as anevent organizer for ‘CodeStorm’ and led a team of 6 people which manifested herleadership quality.

She was always an active participant in all the extra-curricularactivities held in college. In final year, Curie was one amongstthe few to bag an opportunity to work on company sponsored project thesis. Sheworked at HCL Technologies designing a project named ‘Helpdesk System’ whichused technologies like C# and ASP.net. The project was extremely well executedputting to motion her theoretical concepts and received high praises from herinternal and external mentor.

To sum up, Curie is a talented and hardworkingstudent. Her perseverance and determination is well complemented by herleadership and teamwork.  I am confidentthat she will prove her worth at your institution and strongly recommend her tothe graduate program. I wish her all the success in her future endeavors.Sincerely,Mr.

Moiz Mirza,Associate Professor,Computer Engineering Department,J.D. College of Engineering, NagpurEmail: [email protected] 

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