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I have heard that this novel is famous for its criticism against Soviet Communism.

I`m not very familiar with Soviet history. But the animals all called themselves “comrade”, which impressed me very much. And the two leaders Napoleon and Snowball were two representative types of leader. Snowball was a tragic character .

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He was an active reformer who learned the skills of man including farming, reading, writing and architecture. With these skills, he taught other animals. He hoped every animal could learn more and improve themselves to be more knowledgeable and cultivated. As a leader, he was very responsible for other animals and the farm, and also competent, diligent for his work. Although sometimes his determination seems a little blind and unpractical, but he was really adventurous, just like a doer . However , he was too simple-minded and innocent in the power contest with Napoleon. Nevertheless, a leader demands general traits especially for his EQ level. Snowball was too innocent to defend himself against the sinister Napoleon.

I wonder what will happen if Snowball have seen through Napoleon’s trap and is able to get the power . Will he gradually become corrupt and epicurean just like Napoleon? It seems that if Snowball is the leader, the farm will realize their equally happy aim. I don`t know whether he has the greed for power and luxury, but from this story I do realize that the communism is really hard and maybe impossible to achieve.

This novel can be seen as the analysis of the causes of the failure of communism, aiming to prove that human nature and diversity prevent people from being equal and happy ,or at least equally happy. Because in human world, the human nature and diversity decide that there must be someone are not only satisfied with meeting basal needs to exist, and the various people with different features and thoughts won`t make everyone simply equal in the civil rights and individual needs. I have never thought of the possibility of Communism before, but now I begin to suspect that according to the essential of human beings, it`s really a tough mission to achieve the Communism.I know the story is seen as the satire for Soviet Communism, which made me associate with the Chinese Communism. For my poor political knowledge, I know we are in the Socialism phase, primary for the Communism.

Our final target is to realize the Communism and I do wonder when this primary phase is an ending in the future? We are responded unclearly that it will be a very long and tough period in the development process of our country, maybe more than

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