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Last updated: April 13, 2019

Ihave known Mr. Vinit Jain for more than two years and I strongly recommend hisapplication to your university for higher studies.

Over the course of hisengineering curriculum, I have taught him subjects like Antennas & Wave Propagationand Mobile Communications. During his course of study in this Institution, Ihave had the opportunity to observe and appreciate his academic caliber, aswell as the versatility of his personality.Vinit’sprevious academic records won’t surprise you but when you see his work anddedication in recent years, where he has been hitting the purple patch.  I was Vinit’s guide for his patent work (Patent applicationno. 201741035912) on Distillationof Saline water using Ultrasonic energy. The amount of research work he putinto the patent showed his ability to convert classroom concepts into practicalapplications. His ten months of perseverance and hard work was finallyacclaimed by the university by offering him financial assistance to getintellectual rights for the pioneering design in other countries as well.  During this time, he was also working on hisengineering project “Underwater broadband communication” and preparing for histechnical seminar.

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This demonstrates that Vinit has excellent time managementskills and the ability to multitask efficiently. Hiscurrent patent work, “Using residual heat from appliances” in its finalstage, looks very impressive. He is focusing on using the residual heat fromappliances like an iron box, toaster once they are turned off and capturingthat heat and turning it into an electric charge that can be used in thefuture. These are just a small epitome of how enthusiastic and focused Vinit iswhen it comes to research work.Lookingat his personality in a holistic way, I rate him among the top 10% of thestudents in his class.

I feel that his diligence and pragmatic analysisrepresent his competency towards research. Hence I strongly recommend him to beconsidered as the potential candidate for admission to the graduate program inyour esteemed university with full financial assistance. 

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