How ICT affects my life in a school, home, work and personal situation

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I usually use the telephone at home to ring up my friends.

Social reasons for ringing up my friends are that we may want to go out together at the weekend and the only way of contacting each other is by telephone. The advantages of this are that I don’t have to write out a letter and then receive a reply after the weekend, which is when I would want to go out with them. Also it is one-to-one direct contact, which means there is no waiting around, unless of course they are unavailable to take the call.Disadvantages are that you don’t always get through to the person you want to talk to and when you ring a mobile or ring long-distance it is very expensive. Personally I would use the telephone to ring the directory enquiry number. Also I would use it to ring up the cinema so I can find out the times that films are on and then again socially I could ring my friends to tell them when we could meet depending on the time for the film. Another personal use for the telephone would be to make an appointment, either for the doctors or the hairdresser. I use the internet a lot at home, mainly as it is very cheap.

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The internet has many uses. I use it personally to go on chat rooms and chat to other people that I don’t know. A disadvantage of this is that people aren’t always who they say they are and they might be someone trying to find out your address and any other personal details about you such as details about your bank account and credit card.

Advantages of this are that there is no need to leave the house to socialise with people. Personally I would also use it to download music from the internet. Advantages for this are that it is free and you don’t have to travel all the way to the shop to buy the music.The worst thing about this though is that if you are not protected with a firewall then it is very difficult to download music without receiving viruses along the way. I would also play games on the internet for my own personal pleasure. Socially I use the internet to email my friends from school and other people that live further away for example people I met on holiday and from London. The biggest advantage of this is that it is very cheap and fast so you don’t have to make a long distance phone call which would cost a lot more.

Socially I would also chat using an instant messaging service such as msn messenger. On Msn I can chat to my friends from school and ask for any help on homework or for example if we were to do some pair work then we could communicate over the internet. I would use a digital camera to take photographs of my family and friends, for example at my cousin’s third birthday party I used the digital camera and camcorder to take pictures of him blowing the candles out. These pictures I would then use my PC to edit them and print them off.

Taking the pictures would be social but editing them would be personal and could also be social if I then passed them around to show everyone. On my PC I play games that I may have downloaded off the internet or even bought. This would be a personal use of the PC. I have many uses for my PC. I use it for the internet which I have explained above but I also use it for any homework that would need word processing.

The scanner which is connected to the PC is used to scan in images, such as photographs. The use of a scanner would be personal usually, unless you were to scan in pictures of yourself or someone else to put it on your website.The printer which is also connected to my PC would be used to print off such things as word documents that I have word processed for homework e. g. an English essay, or even pictures off the internet.

If I had a digital printer I could print digital photographs straight off my digital camera, as they would be linked and the digital printer has very good picture quality. This would also be personal. I also have a web cam which I can use for when I want to talk to members of my family that live far away and I can then see them and talk to them, as well, as them seeing me.Disadvantages of this are that it is not a smooth flowing clip; it is quite jagged in the sense that it shows only part of your movement and not all of it. The web cam has a social use mainly unless you were on a chat room where you would use the web cam to see what the person you were talking to looked like. At Home I use the TV to watch videos and DVD’s and to watch the programmes on the television.

The DVD player is usually used socially as I would usually watch a DVD with my brothers or with the rest of my family. This would be the same with the video.The only time it would be personal would be if I was recording something off the TV for myself.

Connected to the TV is a set top box. At home I have two examples of set top boxes: Sky digital, and Freeview. Sky Digital not only allows me to watch television in digital view but also you can play games on Sky interactive.

On Sky digital you can also ring up and order a film off Sky box office. I would usually play on the games by myself so it would be personal. Disadvantages of this are that I would use my minidisk player or mp3 player to play music to myself.I would plug my headphones into it so that no-one else gets disturbed. If I was to use it socially I would play the music from the minidisk player or mp3 player at a party. I could also use it when travelling. Disadvantages may be that you can’t hear if someone is talking to you while you are listening to your music, although this may sometimes be an advantage.

I use my mobile phone all the time and keep it with me always, as most people do. I mainly send SMS messages to my friends with my mobile phone as it costs a lot to ring people up.My mobile isn’t just a form of contact but I also store all my friends birthdays and email addresses in there.

I can also play games on my phone. On my mum’s phone I can also make video clips and take photographs with the digital camera on it. There is also Bluetooth on my mum’s phone so I can play games against people and send graphical images or video clips to them via the Bluetooth technology. My mobile phone is for social use as I only text people that I know.

If I was to use it personally I might use it to receive automated goal updates from a football match. SchoolAt school we use the PC’s quite a lot especially in Spanish and GNVQ I. T. It is convenient to use them in Spanish as we are situated in the language computer lab. On the PC’s we would generally use them in Spanish to word process anything or to research anything on the internet. If we were to use the PC’s socially in Spanish then we would be using Divace Duo, a programme specially designed for the language subjects so you can use the headphones and microphones to speak to each other and do any role plays in Spanish.

In I. T we would use them for such exercises to learn new I.T skills. This would be my personal use. Advantages of this are that if there was research to do on the PC’s and some people didn’t have the internet at home then it would be possible for them to do it in class instead of having to go to a library and pay for it there. Any research then done would be printed off using the printer.

There would not be a use for a web cam in school, but maybe a scanner. In maths we use scientific calculators and these have memories which you can store numerical data to, for example if you were calculating the standard deviation.This would also be personal. Scientific calculators are also used in science for when there is some maths work involved, such as when you need to find out the percentage of atomic mass in Chemistry. At school I would use my mobile phone socially to ring home to contact my parents in an emergency, so if I had any reason to stay behind after school I could ring her, and then she could pick me up a little later than usual. I would also use it personally at break to play games or to check my calendar. I may even listen to the radio by plugging in my headphones.

Disadvantages of this are that if I get caught with it on in class then I would get it taken off me, but advantages are that I can contact my mum in an emergency immediately. In English we have oral coursework to do and as part of that we need to prepare a presentation and the exam board would need to see it, so we get filmed with a digital camera. Advantages of this are that if you go wrong then you may edit the recording.

Also that you can watch yourself from the digital camera; without the hassle of putting it in your video.The only time we would use the TV, video or DVD would be to watch any educational programmes in class that would be relevant, so in biology we may watch a documentary about how predators hunt their prey in the wild. Advantages are that it is learning through visually seeing it rather than being taught it by the teacher telling you how they do it. At school, during break I sometimes enjoy listening to music so I may bring in my Personal CD player, Minidisk player or MP3 player. The only disadvantages are that not everyone can be trusted in school and often your CD’s and players could be stolen.Evaluation/Conclusion Overall ICT has benefited me in everything that I do. Before I had a PC all my essays and assignments were hand-written and they usually had mistakes them. Now I can word process all my work and it is legible.

It also checks all my spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, and I can use word count to count how many words I have written. This means I don’t have to spend hours counting to make sure I have done enough work that I need to do. The main advantages are that everything I do with ICT is now a lot quicker and easier to use.There are many different types of hardware that you can use with your PC as well such as: scanner; printer; web cam and many more. When I never had a mobile phone I would always have to find a phone box to ring home which wasn’t always convenient as sometimes they are usually far apart.

The main disadvantages are that ICT can usually be addictive, for example as soon as you get home, straight away get on the internet and start playing games and then forget about your homework. This can also make you lazy and unreliable.It can often cause health problems as if you are using the computer and the light is switched off then this can strain your eyes. Also playing games for too long can do this.

The technology of TV has developed drastically so that you can now play games and also use Sky Plus to make your own TV channel. This also has the effects of the disadvantages listed above. My favourite type of ICT would probably be the PC. This as you can do almost anything on the PC. The internet would be my favourite programme on my PC as there are just so many advantages to it.

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