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However, people from these two cultural entities have very distinct ideas of want kind of “perfect” society they want to build up. Briefly, an ideal society in Israel’s heart is a “pure” world with one ultimate god and peoples with pure devotion to this god. On the opposite side, classical Athens is more likely to build a “state of conscious” where there are powerful gods and wise human beings. The book of Amos Is basically a story about owe god destroyed Israel and then restored It.The reasons why god Heehaw did this were because that he wants to establish his fame and build s pure Heehaw- worshiping city. As we all know, gods are men made. These spiritual totems are actually tools for people to express their wishes and explain the unpredictable. By creating Heehaw, this sole god, Israeli made a “Judge of the world”.

The Ideals of ancient Israel are all based on this god. First feature of this Ideal society Is purity which means only one god can be worshiped.The second one Is equality of peoples that Is every one in this society are supposed only to do their Job. This can prevent people from getting greedy. “You alone have I singled out of all the families of the earth: that is why I will call you to account for all your iniquities. ” (Book of Amos, 2) The “iniquities” in this quote means greedy and disloyalty to the god.

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Israel then becomes an example of being destroyed and restored by this “judge” god. From this source we actually can dig in a little deeper.The ideals of Israel are not only building a one-god and equal society but also having this god to do al the punishment and settle down the conflicts. “But let Justice well up like water, Righteousness like an unfailing stream.

“(Book of Amos, 5:24) At the mean time Israeli endued the god with great power, they also thrown all the responsibilities to the god. Israeli does not really care about being controlled by a big god as long as the pure society stays. But things happened so differently in Athens.Instead of one god, in Greece there is a rage system of gods. Instead of making god(s) ultimate and always-right judges, gods from Greek culture are more humanly featured. Athena also believes gods but they question and criticize the god at the same time. People from Athens, especially philosophers, were all trying to put conscious in the society. One example is from the “Apology where Socrates’ method of question and answer was firstly reviewed.

“When I heard about the oracle’s answer, I said to myself What does the god mean?Why does he not use plain language? I am only too conscious that I have no claim to wisdom, great or small; so what can he mean by asserting that I am the wisest man in the world? He cannot be telling a lie; that would not be right for 156) This quotation not only gives us a general Idea of how this question and answer method works, but also shows us how god was questioned. The core of the classic Ideals Is to build a balanced society which can be dominated by human beings. In order to achieve this, two things are vital.One Is to keep all the citizens In conscious which help the society stay out of the chaos. Another one Is to win the control power from gods through fighting with them. The evidence can be found from “works and days”. “..

. But Zeus in the anger of his heart held It away because the devious-minded Prometheus had cheated him: and therefore Zeus thought up dismal sorrows for II In all, Ideals AT ancient Israel are more g AAA-oases Ana ideals of classic Athens are more human-based. Although they both want to build a harmonic society, their approaches are greatly different.

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