Identify the final amount that was agreed upon

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Last updated: August 24, 2019

Identify a Governor Dayton priority from his 2016 State of the State Address. The priority of Governor Dayton’s that I have chosen to address is his plan to combat the racial inequalities that minorities face in our Minnesotan society. He wanted to build an economy that benefits all the people of Minnesota, especially people of color.

The budget would allow minorities more economic opportunities, while reducing the racial problems that plague them.  Describe why the priority was important to MN. This priority is important, because no person should have to be afraid of leaving their house just for being a different color or speaking a different language than the majority population in the area. Nobody should have to worry about having enough money to feed their family each week. It isn’t only about racial problems though. It also includes religious issues as well.

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People of certain religions, in this case especially Muslims, shouldn’t have to worry about having their places of worship attacked and trashed simply for being different. We should try to set a good example for the youth of our state, and nation, to be accepting of all people even if they aren’t the same as you. So, I believe that this plan will help reduce racial bias and tension in the long run. Was funding approved? Yes, the funding for his plan to increase racial equity, the Supplemental Budget, was approved.

Although it wasn’t as much as Governor Dayton had proposed during the State of the State Address.  How much was requested versus approved? The original requested amount was 100 million dollars, but unfortunately the final amount that was agreed upon was much lower than that, sitting at only 35 million dollars. This money went towards improving the economic life of the people of color living in Minnesota and ensuring a working economy for all of Minnesota.  My sources are: 

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