If be allowed to enroll. Therefore, creating diversity

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Iftuition is held below equilibrium price, then there is a likelihood of certainsituations being born because of such decision will have great effect on both thestate university as well as the students themselves.   The reduction of tuition means that stateuniversities in the short run or instantly will generate a higher influx ofapplicants who would be attracted by the low rate of education.  Secondly, the normal space used to educatestudents effectively will no longer prove to be productive.  This means that the proportion of the classesat the universities would be extremely bigger, disturbing the balance of theenrolled scholar’s relations, security and their ability to learn.  Thirdly, the university would have decisionsregarding staffing, expansion and resources, for example, to meet theadditional needs created if tuition is held below equilibrium price.  Additionally, procedure would have to be putin place to prevent specific classes from being over booked.

  On the other hand, students will havedifficulty taking the classes they prefer. .2.         Using the above-mentioned situation,education would not really be “equally accessible” as the rapid spike inapplicants then forces state universities to then must change the methods bywhich applicants are filtered and admitted. As an example, by increasing the grade point average which applicantsare judged, there will be some certain grades that would have been consideredsuitable would now not be allowed to enroll. Therefore, creating diversity amongst the applicants there would be somewho felt they were unjustly judged and not given a fair opportunity shouldtheir enrollment be rejected.

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  Also,students who would have desired to attend a university within the state they areoriginally from due to their desire of being close to home, would now have toapply to a university which is in another state or a community institute thus causingunexpected financial expenses to their families as well as themselves.  Another example would be that the university’sdorm rooms, their food services programs and even the parking lot area whichare designated for both members of staff and student body will now be strainedbeyond its normal threshold due to the high invasion that is not a part of its norm.

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