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Last updated: August 14, 2019

If you live in theUS and eat commonly found food, you are most likely consuming foodsthat are genetically modified (GM), whether you like it or not. Ifyou never have wondered where the origin of the food you choose toconsume on a daily basis, it is time to start understanding howimportant knowing where your food comes from. “GMOs or geneticallymodified organisms is a new version of a plant or animal that iscreated by altering genes using biotechnology?”(WhatIs a GMO?).

Most of the food found in grocery stores today in Americaare GE or genetically engineered. People’s knowledge of the safety ofGMOS is commonly misconceived because the FDA makes statements thatGMOs are not a threat to health, and that it is perfectly OK tointake food that artificially altered. This is where thecorruption of knowledge occurs because the FDA leaves the safetytesting up to same companies that creates GMOs, these companiescreate tests that hide the true facts of the dangers, in order gainprofit from consumers.

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Independently done 3rd party research that isnot endorsed by these greedy and corrupt companies, will confirm thatfood found with GMOs are not even nearly as safe as certified organicfood. Organic food is food that has been produced in an organicmethod that uses organic fertilizers, non toxic herbicides, propersoil planting, and do not use GMOs. Organic food will also providemore nutrition than GM foods, which is crucial due to the lack ofnutrients in today average person. GMOs have beenproven to cause cancer, harm the environment, and induce multipleother health problems? (TheTruth About GMOs). Getting rid of of GMOs would create anenvironment that is more pure and more safe for our children, withouthaving to worry about the quality of food you are eating.

Powerfulcorporations that profit off of GMOs will make banning GMOs notpossible any time soon. At the very least labeling of GMO productsshould be a requirement in America so that consumers may have thefreedom to choose if they want genetically made food or not. GMOs causeendangerment on a variety of levels, with our environment, foodstability, and biosphere system. GM crops are usually sprayed withexcessive amounts of poisonous herbicide that can drastically polluteland, clean water and can contaminate our food. GMOs are also unsafedue to the FDA not being the one handling the safety studies ongenetically modified food. The FDA leaves it up to companies thatproduce them to determine if the food is safe for you. The companiesthat make the study results desire to make as much money as muchmoney possible, so the have created biased study results that show nosigns of any potential dangers in GMOs. Animal research on GMOs thatare done independently and are not associated to these corruptcompanies will state major health risks caused by GMOs.

These majorhealth risks include organ changes infertility, immune systemproblems, very large tumors, and gastrointestinal problems. People who arecontent with eating food that can cause all of these major healthrisks, approve of genetic modification of the food supply. The onlypeople really benefiting from genetically modified foods are thecompanies that make them due to the revenue they receive. “Theyaren’t disclosing their studies to consumers who just want to knowwhat they are eating, then there must be something worthhiding”(Going against GMO). It is crucial to begin labeling GMOs asnot enough people, particularly in the United States, areknowledgeable about the danger of GMOs. Hopefully, if peopleunderstood how many dangerous GMOs they are consuming, the banning ofGMOs in America would begin. It is not uncommon to find laws banningthe use of these types of dangerous foods.

In reality, over 64countries in the world have banned the use of GMOs. There is not ahonest reason that GMOs should not be banned, or very least, labeled.Labeling GMOs would make consumers that are avoiding products thatcontain GMOs feel more confident in their food purchases and have anormal bystander understand what they are purchasing. Corporations areagainst labeling of GMOs, because labeling products to show theycontain GMOs would make products with GMOs less appealing to buy.

Which would make corporations lose money, so do what they can to pushany law that is in favor of labeling away. There is an argument thatwithout using biotechnology, there would not be enough food to feedeveryone. Today, we produce as much food to feed 14 billion people,for a population of 7 billion. This shows us not only are weproducing more than enough food, but we are being wasteful in thedelivery of food to everyone, as people are starving with plenty offood being grown globally. The production rate of non-geneticallyengineered crops in countries around Western Europe is just aseffective as the farming in the United states with geneticallyengineered crops.

Studies in parts of Africa will show that usingtraditional techniques increased production of labor 30% more thanthe orginal method of genetically engineering crops. The largest seedcorporation in the world that creates, sells, and distributes,genetically modified seeds is company called, Monsanto. Monsantoproduces GM seeds that resist herbicides and weed killers, by usingbiotechnology to implant the herbicides within the DNA of the seed.After the seeds are planted and grown, the food is thereforegenetically modified. There are many unusual factors about howMonsanto runs their company. To start, they are the same company thatcreate the toxic product of agent orange used in the Vietnam war todissolve the enemy. They also require every farmer to sign a strictdetailed contract stating that they must re-purchase new seeds aftera year. It is apparent that Monsanto’s intention is to just makemoney off of making farmers buy seeds annually even if they don’tneed them.

This is where corruption is even more clear as citizensthat try to proactively take action against GMO’s by developinglaws to label them end up getting shut down by lobbyists thatMonsanto pays off. Monsanto spends an average of six billion dollarson lobbying every year. If GMO’s are as safe as Monsanto and othercorporations similar to them say they are, then why is there so muchpush from them in order to keep us uninformed of their dangerousproducts. As an individual,you can join the fight and help end GMOs. Consumer choice can be themost effective way to reduce the production of GMOs.

Even though itis difficult to avoid GMOs, they best way is to buy USDA Organic foodor at least food labeled with the Non-GMO project verification.Educating friends and family that are not aware of the dangers GMOsand how much of it they are intaking on a daily basis can promotegetting the word out as well. There is enough obvious evidence onGMO’s that show the harm they cause to the people and environment.It can be overwhelming to think about the corruption of ourgovernment and big businesses that only revolve around making aprofit, while destroying our planet.

If we cannot trust ourgovernment to protect us against foods that prove they causecatastrophic health risks, then we must depend on ourselves to beknowledgeable and aware. One day the United States will join the 50other countries that have made it either made it mandatory to labelGM foods, or have already banned them entirely. Labeling productswould cause no inconvenience for anyone but the companies thatdeserve to lose money for what they’re selling. Until GMO’s arebanned and we explore alternative options to growing mass amounts ofcrops in a healthy way, then genetic modification will continue todominate the American food industry and destroy our health as anation.  

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