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Last updated: March 30, 2019

 If your company is going to bemoving office spaces soon or you simply haven’t had your office’s electricalsystem checked recently, you should consider getting a professional commercial electrical serviceprovider in Burlingtonto inspect youroffice.

 We at S & S Electrical Services Inc.would like everyone to know of the seriousness and importance of electricalsafety. Although we tend to take electricity for granted in the modern office,it is still a powerful force and potential hazard if not properly handled.

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Forinstance, improperly maintained electrical systems are routinely a leadingcause of office fires. Besides getting your electrical systems checked by aprofessional, the best thing you can do for your employees is to know the signsof electrical problems so you can get help before it’s too late. What are some common signs of electrical problems?Electricity can be dangerous evenif there are no obviously exposed wires. Besides flammable materials beingdirectly exposed to an electric current, there is also the possibility thatelectricity itself can travel through the air, or arc, and make contact with aflammable material at some distance from the source of the electricity.

This iswhy you should always be sure to look for general signs of electrical problemsand call in a professional as soon as possible if you notice something is amiss.A few simple signs that something is wrong with your office’s electrical systeminclude: ·       Frequently blown fuses. This indicates that you might be putting too much stresson a single circuit.·       People receive shocks from appliances.

If everything is functioningcorrectly, regular appliances should not shock you. If anyone is shocked, thatmeans electricity is flowing outside its usual paths and you should get yoursystem checked.·       Outlets are damaged or discoloured.

This can be simple deterioration from age butthere’s also a chance that electricity arcing is causing the discolouration. ·       Lights dim or flicker for no reason. This is never a good sign. Your electrical systemis designed to provide constant power so, assuming there’s no systemic poweroutage, dimming lights means something is wrong with your electrical system. What can I do to prevent electrical fires or other accidents?The best thing you can do is toeducate yourself and your employees about the dangers of electrical systems,the signs of problems, and how to appropriately handle electrical equipment.

Don’tplace flammable material near power outlets, for instance, and always unplugappliances by the plug and never by the cord. Besides this, you should contact us todayat S & S Electrical Services Inc. for all your commercial electrical service needs in Burlington or itssurrounding area. Be sure to ask us about the potential benefits you can gainfrom joining the Small Business Lighting Incentive Program. Replacing andupgrading your small business’s electrical system has never been easier or morecost effective.

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