If I Was Awarded This Scholarship

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Last updated: October 4, 2019

If you were awarded this scholarship, how will it impact your educational goals? If I am awarded this scholarship, my educational goals will be impacted in many ways.

Most importantly, I will have the confidence of those that awarded this scholarship. I will also have more confidence in myself to reach my goals. Finally, I will have the means to pursue my dream of obtaining a degree. Knowing that someone believes in my abilities enough to select me over all the other worthy candidates will help empower me to do the best I can.

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Support systems come in all shapes and sizes and being awarded a scholarship is a huge support in reaching educational goals. Between emotional support from my family and this vote of confidence, I will be better equipped to meet the challenges ahead of me. Receiving this award would also give me more confidence to achieve my goals. Success is crucial in my quest to be a pharmacist and experiencing success at all levels of development and maturity is the foundation of who I will become.

The more confidence I build, the more risks and leaps of faith I will be willing to take. Ambition is important, but having the means to pursue my ambition is essential. A more privileged person may not comprehend the magnitude of scholarships and financial awards to secure educational success, but I do. I do not take this lightly, nor do I take it for granted. I believe that I have worked hard, but even that does not guarantee success.This scholarship will enable me to obtain my degree and begin my dream of being a professional in the medical field.

The impact of being awarded this scholarship would forever change my life. It would be a significant boost of confidence from others and for myself. I would also be afforded the opportunity and privilege to finally begin my chosen career. There are no limits to the possibilities of this scholarship and the ways it will affect my life.

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