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Last updated: January 1, 2020

If you ask a collegiate athlete if they should get paid to play sports their response is going to be, “Of course we should get paid to play sports because we represent this school to the best of our ability and we bring in a lot of money for the school.” They are correct that they do both of those things but there is a lot more that comes with having a lot of money at such a young age and the responsibility level might not be there.

College sports are such a big part of people’s lives, for instance, about 50 million people tune in on saturdays and watch college football for the entertainment and see who’s going to be the next big star. Due to the fact that students would no longer have a passion for the game, will only play for money, and will become irresponsible, college athletes should not get paid to be a college athlete.     Athletes start sports at such a young age with training and practice to get to the point where they’re good enough to be accepted into a college to play sports. The passion that they have for sports can all be wiped away by money.

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Now some people might say that getting paid in college will increase their passion for sports because it will want them to make more money in the future. In a way this is true but athletes play sports in college because they want to be in the pros one day and some athletes may stop playing when they think they’ve made enough money. Players begin to have a careless and casual mindset and that won’t get them anywhere in life. That loss of passion could lead to a bad environment in the locker room with other players because of the money they’re making.        If I go to the same college as you and we both play a sport I want to make the same amount of money as you because if we didn’t, it would be unfair between us and the team. Questions begin to linger when this is not the case like, “Do the best players get paid the most?”, “If you win an award, do you get a bonus?”, “Do you get paid if your not getting playing time?”. These are questions I think of when I think about athletes getting paid. People would argue and say that paying athletes would make them want to work harder and be better at the sport.

This statement could be false in a way because the players would be upset because somebody else is making more money than them and it could make the chemistry bad between the players. They are kids so they wouldn’t know how to just man up and play the sport. Money can ruin lives. Also, paying kids could affect the school because it will stop them from doing things and keeping it nice.     All the money could benefit the school more than it could the players because it can keep the school running smoothly,can avoid the school from become broke and shutting down, keep the school clean, the environment around it clean, and can pay for scholarship.

Yes, the athletes bring in a lot of money to the school and make the school get looked at by more students, which also helps the college but it could also make the school become close to going broke because they are having to pay so many student athletes money. 430 student athletes are playing sports in college including division 1, 2, and 3. Even if you only paid each player $500,000, that would $215,000,000 that they pay players at each school which is a crazy amount of money to be giving to non-professional athletes. There are 1,092 colleges between all 3 divisions of the NCAA, which means that $234,780,000,000 would be going to college athletes that are barely adults, every year! Plus, the majority of the students get a full ride scholarship, just to play a sport.

Not everyone gets this opportunity and some people take that for granted. For the athletes, this would be a dream but for the Universities, this would be a nightmare.     In conclusion, paying college athletes has been a debatable topic for years now and many people have different opinions. I believe that collegiate level athletes should not get paid to play sports. It removes their passion for the sport and makes them want the money more than wanting to be better at their craft. Problems begin to happen for the way the players get paid because they could get paid unfairly and it could cause the players to dislike each other and the chemistry between them could get bad.

Lastly, the colleges could benefit from the money more than the athletes because the schools have to do a lot of things with the money and they don’t have the money to just be giving it out to athletes because they play for the school. Let’s say you were in charge of the school, would you want a big chunk of your funds to go the athletes that play for your school? Probably not, so that’s why you need to let the athletes earn there way to the pros and make their money there instead of in college.

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