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Last updated: June 16, 2019

If they decide to finish their course (Quantity Surveying) itcan lead to many things especially if they decide to do RICS (Royal Instituteof Chartered Surveyors) it can lead to so much more. The main thing that thiscourse leads to is Quantity Surveying a brief explanation of what they do ismeasuring of buildings under construction and then use those measurements tocalculate to figure out how much of each material you will need to finish thebuild most surveyors always predict 10% more than needed for error. Alto thatsounds quick and easy that isn’t all they have to do and when they do theirwork they have to keep it to a professional standard especially if they are amember of RICS. That is not the only thing that this course can lead to if heor she wishes they could also be able to get a job in: Construction manager.Project manager.Site engineer.Architectural technologist.RICS also allows you to change the type of surveyor they wishto be so they would be able to change from Quantity Surveyor to Building Surveyorthey would also give them more training on it if they needed it.

Buildingsurveyors would make sure that the building is up to date with the health andsafety standards so that it is safe to live in or use. So if they decided thatthey didn’t want to work as a quantity surveyor then ricks may provide somehelp with some of the health and safety standards. The reason that they could get one of those jobs is becauseit is directly related to the degree in which they are doing. If they decidedto switch after a few years of doing their job they would have been workingclosely too many of those people like the project manager. The Project t manager is in charge of the project other thanthe client from the beginning to the finish they have to employ all thelabourers such as the brick layers, plumbers and electricians. Each part con construction have their professional bodieslike the professional body for surveyors if RICS but architects have BritishInstitute of Architectural Technologists in fact architects and surveyors alsohave a joint professional body witch is Architects & Surveyors Institute.

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The role of the Royal institute of chartered surveyors is anindependent professional body which means that it is separate from thegovernment. RICS is there to make sure that members of their organisation workto the correct standard that they should be working to. If they are a member ofRICS the RICS can take disciplinary action if they do not work to the correctstandard.

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