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Last updated: September 20, 2019

If you are a qualified medical patient or aprospective patient in Florida, odds are you are a bit confused about how thewhole system is going to work. Florida is still in the process of gettingeverything ready to go in regards to the licenses, dispensaries, patients, anddoctors.

However, in a matter of few weeks, the dispensaries will be opening,and you will be able to buy marijuana products explicitly related to yourmedical condition. Here’s what we know so far. First, you’ll need a doctor’s recommendation toqualify for the medical cannabis program. The Florida Medical cannabisamendment won’t cover all health ailments, but the few that have been preciselydetailed and defined as acceptable conditions required to apply for a medicalcannabis card are as follows:ALSCancerEpilepsyGlaucomaHIV/AIDSPTSDMultiple SclerosisCrohn’s diseaseParkinson’s diseaseIf you’re suffering from any of these ailments, besure to talk with your doctor about medical cannabis so you will be able to buyas soon as the dispensaries are open and operating.

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When the dispensaries open up, it’s essential tokeep in mind that, as of right now, marijuana flowers will not be sold.When the dispensaries open, you will be able to goinside and talk to a budtender about what kind of product will work best foryou and your condition.Here’s what you should expect regardingdispensaries:You should read about nearby medical weed storesbeforehand and try to find the ones that focus on patient care. You want yourfirst experience to be relaxed and educational, so avoid stores that willsimply rush you out the door after you pick out your meds. Feel free to beginresearching products and strains, but keep in mind that product information won’talways be accurate on menu websites.You’ll also need to have your medical cannabiscard in hand, along with your Florida ID card.

You should also bring cash sinceit’s unlikely the first few dispensaries will be able to accept cardtransactions.When you finally get to see your budtender, besure to ask questions! Do not feel intimidated. The budtenders at thesedispensaries are experts on weed and how each cannabinoid will work toalleviate or treat your condition.Lastly, do not feel pressured to rush in and rushout. Also, do not feel pressured to buy just because you are already there.

Ifyou’re not happy with the budtender or the product, go to another location. Youdo not have to spend your hard earned money on a sub-par product when there’llbe other dispensaries willing to take time to understand your needs. Take yourtime, ask questions, or walk away if you aren’t interested.Where toBuy MarijuanaCurrently, there are no legal stores in Floridawhere residents can purchase weed for medical purposes, but medical marijuanadispensaries should be opening in the state very soon!So that’s it! Most dispensaries will offer you anice, relaxed experience and provide answers to all your questions. Just makesure you are comfortable above all else, and you will have a great first-timeexperience.

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