If you are tired of settling for low

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Last updated: March 29, 2019

If you are tired of settling forlow results … you see what others do, but you feel called to something moresignificant..

. if you want to build a business around your passion, but youfind so much misinformation that you feel confused …

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then this message is foryou …

Here’s why …For every business owner, theprimary headache is how to get new and better customers every day.

Fortunatelytoday we have a powerful tool that makes us that massive task much moreaccessible and that has changed the way of doing business: Internet.Unfortunately, many entrepreneursare not taking advantage of this powerful tool; some for lack of knowledge,others for fear of technology or the false belief that it is very complicatedor that big budgets are needed.But whose fault is it when thebusiness fails?A large part of the enterprisesthat are started each year are carried out empirically and guided by intuition.Many of the entrepreneurs form a company with a bright idea of who their targetaudiences are but do not know precisely where they are or how to attract themto their businesses.And this is where DigitalMarketing plays an indispensable role.ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND themechanisms of how businesses work, how people buy and know how to apply theright strategies according to your target audience, you can produce profits foryour business like you never had before.

No matter what happens to yourcurrent company, you will always be protected. The ability to do marketing isthe most important weapon to generate money that anyone can have.We will explain to you how to doall this in our new Digital Marketing Club, dedicated entirely to Marketing andBusiness for SMEs and entrepreneurs.The Objective of our DigitalMarketing ClubThe resources we have in the DigitalMarketing Club show you the fundamentals of business, digital marketing, socialnetworks, e-commerce and more.We want entrepreneurs and SMEs tohave the opportunity to take their business off the ground and not to becomepart of the 80% of the companies that close their doors to the third year.Digital Marketing CoursesUnlimited access to video coursesthat will show you step by step how to develop a robust and efficient digitalmarketing strategy for your company.Among the courses available atthis time we have:•    How to Sell on Facebook•    Advertising campaigns on Facebook.

•    Marketing with WhatsApp.•    Email Marketing•    Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.Discovering the clients, attracting them, connecting them, selling andrecommending.•    How to receive Online Payments.

•    Marketing on LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn tocreate clients, draw them, sell, re-sell and get them approved.•    YouTube Marketing. How YouTube works as atool and business and marketing platform. How to create our videos for sales.

•    Social Media Master Class. How to make asocial media marketing strategy focused on building and maintaining brands onsocial networks.•    Inbound Marketing How Content Marketingworks and why it is a mandatory process.•    Google Ad Words Basic lessons to useGoogle’s advertising platform and attract new customers.Access to Private Group onFacebookYou will access an exclusiveFacebook group for all the members that are in the Digital Marketing Club. Itwill be a space of support and accompaniment as well as for the exchange ofideas, where you will find business owners with the same challenges as you andin which you can exchange opinions and network with other professionals.

Youwill never be alone again.And you will start learning howto boost your business from the first video. Each Master Class contains atleast a handful of ideas that will represent thousands of dollars in sales foryou.The methodology is “learnand implement.

” The idea is that you can implement what you learnedimmediately. It can be taken by anyone interested in getting clients for anybusiness.Our Digital Marketing Club isideal for people who do not have a marketing department or a lot of money foradvertising – we show you how the right strategies can transform and multiplythe profits of your business compared to what many companies are using and thatIt costs a real fortune or only, it does not produce any results.You can read at your own pace,from the comfort of your home or office and without prior knowledge ofmarketing. The examples and cases are current and of experiences of Pymes, notof big companies with big budgets since that is not our reality.

About us:We design your Inbound Marketingstrategy, and we execute it with you. We apply techniques that will make yousell more and attract more customers.

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