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Last updated: May 30, 2019

IGN (In Game Name): ImGettinRepored ( https://namemc.com/name/ImGettinReported )Age: 13Timezone: CSTCountry: United States of AmericaDo you have a good quality mic?: YesDo you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: YesHow many hours can you put in the server per week:My Schedule – Monday- 3:30PM -11:00 PMTuesday- 3:30PM -11:00 PMWednesday- 3:30PM -4:00 PM – 8:30PM- 11:00PMThursday- 3:30PM -11:00 PMFriday- 3:30PM – Whenever I feel like it, unless event is happening.

Saturday- 3:30PM – Whenever I feel like it, unless event is happening.Sunday- 5:00PM- 11:00PMAny previous punishments on FenixMC?: NoAny past experiences in being a staff member:My previous experience on hcf servers is amazing. I will list some of the major ones that affected me in my career.

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ColdNetwork – Helper – 100-200 Players DailyExcileHQ – Owner – 40-60 Players DailyViperHCF – Helper – 150-300 Players DailyWhy do you want to become staff?:I want to become staff on FenixMC because I feel like helping this community. I don’t want to just become staff on here for the tag, I want to become staff on here for the experience. I learned so much about HCF while staffing on those servers.

It was truly the best. I want those skills that I have learned, and put them to use again. I say again because I am getting back into this community after a month break. I believe this server will do very well and I can teach some new people new skills. I am very good at screen sharing, some people call me, MinnieTene.

I can teach people those skills and won’t give up on people. I may be serious sometimes, but I enjoy having loads of fun, but I know the limits. I try to keep the server professional, non toxic, and enjoyable to play. I pretty much no life the game, but have fun while doing it.

I believe this server will be a good fit for me and even if I don’t get accepted, I will probably still play the server. I sometimes do some little HTML coding. That skill could come in handy if you need a website created.

I really just want to comeback into the hcf community and I think this will be a good start. Also, Kappios may remember from Murder.rip. I am known by “Gf9” as well. He can vouch for me that I am trustworthy and will always try to do things the right way and not push it of to the side.1. CommunityI genuinely like to help people in order to make their day better.

I am the kind of person who gives a homeless person money or buys a friend lunch if they forgot money. I feel proud of myself and happy with myself when I complete these sometimes difficult tasks. Not everybody is willing to help people and often doesn’t get the opportunity to do so. I really want to gain the opportunity to contribute to the FenixMC community by helping. I have already had a blast with helping current staff members with mass moves in TeamSpeak.

I have noticed that during SOTW, there are tons of people that need help in TeamSpeak, but nobody helps them. I would love to help players with their needs to make the server better.2. LearnAs somebody who is only 14 years old, in middle school and doesn’t have a job yet, I think it is great to have the opportunity to work as a team as if it were a job just without money involved. I want to get used to helping people now so that when I’m older and have the opportunity to help somebody, I can do so.

I want to get to know more of the staff them than I already do.3. MaturitySince I’m only 14 which most likely seems young for many people, I want to have to opportunity to talk with those who are more mature and understanding of how people may treat a staff member. All of the Mod+ staff and up are clearly great examples for the new helpers that are still getting used to Fenix and some even used to being a staff member. I would love the chance to work with the FenixMC network’s staff team to become a better person as a whole.4. Self-AccomplishmentIt has been a goal for me for a long time to become staff on Fenixl. I have been deciding on what to do for my application, and I have finally made one.

I’m hoping that if this one gets denied I will understand why and be able to apply again. I will keep trying to make the server better. No matter what it takes, I will always do what is right for the server.1.

 Commitment and DedicationAs somebody who spends most of their time doing school work and coding, I always put my best effort into my task. I am somebody who stays focused and spends my time to do the best I can. I don’t take my opportunities for granted. I spend hours every day on the FenixMC Network either in-game answering people’s questions or in TeamSpeak in player channels talking to players about their issues connecting to the server.2.

MaturityAlthough I am only 14 and have a lot to learn throughout my life, I understand how to deal with people. I don’t let rude comments get to me. I don’t let others bring me down. I always do my best to be kind because I know how it feels to feel controlled or hurt. I take my job seriously and do my best to make it better for everyone.3. HelpfulI am always willing to help whether it be a fellow staff member, a player in-game, or somebody in real life that needs assistance. I am always open to answer questions, take time out of my day to contribute, or just monitor a situation that may have no importance to me.

4. GenerosityAs a Jewish boy, at age 13, I had to read a “Torah” portion which is a section of the Jewish bible. At the end of my portion, I gave a speech about something that has importance to me. That topic was generosity. I am a genuinely generous person. I am always willing to give something that I may not need to somebody who may need it more.

This applies to being a part of the FenixMC Network. I often use my donor rank (Ruby) to revive people in-game if they are told that they can’t get revived in TeamSpeak. I always do my best to make other people feel happy and thankful.5. Open MindedAs somebody who receives a lot hate on the internet because of being Jewish, I always stand up for somebody who is getting mistreated. I have spent a lot of time trying to make my country (The United States of America) a better place by going to rallies, marching, and sending money to foundations. I want to have the opportunity to do the same for FenixMC by becoming a staff member.

6. RespectfulTreating somebody unfair is never right. I always do my best to make the server a better place than it already is. I always treat people how I want to be treated.

Because of this, most people like me besides people in-game who are faction rivals. I am well known as a nice person by the staff team and most of the players on the server.7. ExperienceAs you will see above, I have a lot of experience in a lot of different server fields. In the past, I haven’t had the opportunity to work with the best of the best, and that is absolutely what I am dreaming of. I have learned so much from working with many different servers with different titles before my name. I am somebody who understands every role on a server and how difficult they can be.

I am ready to take on that challenge of being a staff member on FenixMC now that I have gotten the experience on other servers.I have always wanted to be a part of the staff team, but haven’t had the experience on the server itself. Now that I have been playing FenixMC for 3 weeks, I understand how the server works, and what it takes to be a staff member. I am most certainly ready for the challenge.

8. FairnessI am always a fair person. I don’t side with my friends just because they are my friends. I always want to hear both sides of the story before making a final decision. I don’t base my opinion off of one point of view. I think for myself instead of letting others persuade me. Fairness is something that I take seriously because it hurts to be accused of something without being able to defend yourself.

Nobody liked being favored against. It is my job to help the community become a betterand more equal place.9.

 ScreenshareI have created a guide to screensharing in order to help newer staff members understand how SS.I made this guide solely for the purpose of helping people. I hope that it helps somebody else who gets accepted and needs some tips on screensharing. Although I would consider myself a “god screensharer”.

 I have lots to learn and experience. I hope that if I were to have the privilege to staff on FenixMC, I would be able to stop the server from cheaters.10. RecordingI am able to record any bans needed or even make a staff series. I feel like this is a way for me to show the community what it is like to be a staff member, so they know if they were to ever become one.11. ResponsiveIf somebody with higher authority than me gives me an order or a suggestion, I listen. I only have more to learn, and ignoring important information is not acceptable.

I always listen to rules and commands. I think that it is irresponsible to do your own thing or not accept criticism. If I were to undertake the staff position, I would always listen to my fellow staff.12. ActiveI spend a ton of time on the server overall, but most of that time is while I’m in TeamSpeak helping with support rooms or in Player Channels. As a staff member, I would spend the same amount of time if not more on make the server better. I notice that there are lots of current staff members who are only online for a few hours a day while I would be on for at least 6 unless I had something to do.

I would let higher staff know when I will be offline so that it isn’t a surprise if I am not on. I always do my best to contribute as much of my time as possible.Why should we accept you as staff?: I should be accepted for many reasons. First off, I am fully dedicated to servers that allow me to do my job. What I mean by that is, I don’t enjoy servers that demote or promote friends or random people for no specific reason. It can ruin the staff team and cause people to resign or even etb. That means the staff team will have bad reputation and can ruin the server reputation.

Second off, I find my playtime amazing. I put at least 8 hours of work into servers daily and nonstop work. Many people in this community are very toxic and threat people. Since I was staff on ViperHCF, I delt with a lot of those threats. I used to be very well known in the community, but then I left and now, all the OG people left and I am unknown now. I am very friendly to anyone I meet with. If that means, new people, new staff, or even staff that I haven’t met with.

I will try my hardest to bring good reputation and keep this server professional.Additional Information:NoneThank you for reading this,~ImGettinReported

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