Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the

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Last updated: June 22, 2019

Illegal immigration refersto the migration of people across national borders in a way that violates theimmigration law of that destined country (Raley, 2017). Everyone who comes migrateto the United State is looking for an opportunity to better their life, as theUnited States is known as the land of opportunity. Many who come here, are in pursuitof a job or even just a better life overall. Illegal immigration is a hugeproblem in the United States. Illegally coming into the United States isillegal, but many of those who do come here are just looking to get away fromthe economic or political problems of their country.

The government doesn’thave the resources to keep track of who is coming in the country or who issucking up all their resources. It costs the federal government over $134billion a year for illegal immigration, which is $8,075 for each illegalimmigrant in the United Sates right now (Bedard, 2017). The services citizensof the United States receive, many illegals receive as well. This varies fromhealth care to education. Illegal immigration is costing a burden to the UnitedStates because illegals are sucking the money from the government throughhealth care, education, and jobs.            Education is the key to success, many would say. Everyonedeserves to receive an education in this world, this includes even illegal aliens.In June 1982, the Supreme Court ruled in Plylerv.

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Doe, that states cannot constitutionally withhold any students a freepublic education due to the status of their immigration status (Access toEducation – Rule of Law). The federal government gives very little of fundingfor public schools. Many schools reply on resources from the state and locallywhich is split down the middle. With the school budget dwindling, it is hard toteach all the illegals plus refugees coming into the country without affectingother students. The problem with illegal aliens and education is that they aretaking the opportunity for those who have a status in this country to receivethe most out of their education. The U.S.

currently spends about $12,000 everyyear to educate one single student in a public school (Wood). The influx of undocumentedchildren who are in this country will further increase these costs. Schools mustspend even more money to hire more teachers, and they also need to hire bi lingualteachers as many illegal aliens don’t speak English as a first language.             The question of whether illegal aliens should be entitledto some type of health care coverage in the United States draws considerableattention. Illegal aliens, unlike those who are lawfully admitted into thecountry don’t undergo medical screening.

They can bring contagious diseasesacross the border which can be detrimental to the publics health. Immigrants oftendon’t have insurance or have little to none. The cost of these uninsured immigrantsis a burden to taxpayers as they are left to pay the bill. This puts a financialstrain on the health care community. The use of hospital and emergency servicesby immigrants rather than using preventative medical measures is anotherproblem. For example, the usage rate ofhospitals and clinics by illegal aliens (29 percent) is more than twice therate of the overall U.S.

population (Doyle). The costs of medicalcare for illegal aliens is rising because of this. The cost of medical care inCalifornia was about $1.4 billion per year, while in Arizona it was comparablyat $400 million per year (Illegal Immigration and Public Health).

              Illegal immigrants have a huge effect on the UnitedStates economy. Many Americans are always complaining about how immigrants arestealing American jobs. Considering that illegal aliens have low skill levelsflooded the market many of them got the end of the stick. This led to badworking conditions and reduced wages in the job field.

This is because illegalimmigrants will in harsh conditions and very little pay to support their lovedones’. Illegals also do most of the job in the economy that citizens are notwilling to do. Whether it is picking oranges in the Florida heat or trimming thetall palm trees in sunny California.  Anotherproblem that pertains to illegals is that they are not your typical taxpayers.They receive considerably lower incomes than This means that the economy isdependent on them. In the last couple of years, the number of illegal immigrantshas increased dramatically. This means the U.S.

must spend more time and moneyon keeping its borders, especially the United States-Mexico border.             Everything in today’s age has a price tag. The tag onwhich illegal aliens cost the United States is staggering. Illegal aliens posea challenge to the U.S. government and a burden to taxpayer’s money. Not every immigrantposes a challenge or threat to the government, only those who challenge itsauthority and abuses its funding are the nuisance to society.

Every year, thenet cost of illegal immigration in the United States is $115 billion (Bedard2017).  

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