I’m of security. Otherwise, there is alwayssomeone out

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Last updated: December 29, 2019

I’m Asrar Ahmed – a native of Chennai.

My dad is a businessman – dealing in leather and mymother is a housewife. I have a younger brother who is now pursuing his graduation. I am the firstgraduate in my family as both my parents have a very basic education.

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I had my 10th and 12th standard education in English medium schools. My 10th I completedin St.Joseph’s Anglo-Indian School with 79.4% and my 12th at Doveton Matriculation School. Istudied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science and obtained 77.25%.This propelled me to choose B.Tech IT at Anand Institute of Higher Technology – accreditedby Anna University – with core subjects ranging from Operating Systems, Database ManagementSystems, Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering.

I obtained a CGPA of7.18.My project during Undergraduation was “A System to filter unwanted messages from OSNuser walls”. It is about how to control the messages posted on their own private space to avoidunwanted content that is displayed. The proposed system is to allow OSN users to have a directcontrol on the messages posted on their walls.I had a flair for symposiums and was very interested in all Industrial Visits.

I hold acertificate in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).I have been employed for the past two years at FIS Global Business Solutions as a SoftwareTest Analyst. As a Test Analyst, I was exposed to several projects pertaining to foreign jobs whichwere very intricate. The chief ones were InstantFunds Enhancements, Consumer debit.

comRewrite, Discovery- Security Update, Discovery Database Migration to Exadata, EnvironmentChange Verification Process (ECVP), Discovery and Non – discovery Automation and Cardbaseprojects. While my role remained consistent it was the variety of the job work that dragged me in tothe fact that anything in the computer needs a high degree of security. Otherwise, there is alwayssomeone out there ready to steal data. It is when I felt I need it a PG degree to enhance myknowledge of security and ethical hacking.Here and now my Interest has turned to Cyber Security and that can be obtained through aMaster Degree at a foreign University. My country has not yet been capable enough to provide methis education and I seek it at Tallinn University of Technology. The college will be able to provideme the required course to develop my dream career in Ethical Hacking.

So I would like to pursueMasters in Cyber Security (MSc).The College/University at Estonia is an excellent choice as it meets world standards in thisfield. The faculties are very much updated and carry on their zeal towards their students.

Theuniversity is able to provide me with 90% practical and 10% theory which is the exact mix for agood solid education.People from all over the world come to study in Estonia which will therefore give me a verygood experience. I will have a taste of international experience and expertise.My future plan is to return to India and initially work at a middle level executive job.

Later Ihave plans to set up my own security agency and provide security to the thousands of businesseshere.

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