Imagine for space deforestation is quickly clearing the

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Last updated: September 20, 2019

Imagine waking up every morning to turn the television over to the news.  Every year things seem to get stranger and stranger, it is December 10, in 1971 the high for the day is 71 degrees fahrenheit, 2010 and the high is 52 degrees, 2017 and the high is 44 degrees.  None of them temperatures seem usual for mid-December weather but certainly these are not very similar.

 This is the effect of environmental pollution, whose main cause is people, the increase in the number of people is leading to worsened transportation pollution, and with more people and the need for space deforestation is quickly clearing the woodland areas.The main cause of environmental pollution is people, whom cause transportation pollution.  Matthew Johnson, a professor at the University of Copenhagen has worked in the department of Chemistry  and later worked in the department of Environmental Science and Technology at the Tokyo Institution of Technology.

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 Johnson is also the co-founder of Airlabs, as quoted from their website “Airlabs is an organisation with foundations in atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering that has been established out of a desire to tackle the huge social problem of air quality in cities across the world. Our work is the result of active collaboration between our team and some of the world’s leading applied environmental research and engineering institutes.”  They are tackling this problem by starting out small with removing pollution from and inside cars, “We believe it’s ineffective to clean the air mass of an entire city. But the air we breathe is a much smaller proportion.

By focussing on cleaning hotspots – places of high pollution, people and dwell time so we can have a much larger impact.”  Johnson has been working on trying to eliminate this pollution inside of vehicles by working on one of the more recent projects the Airbubbl is “Designed to go around your headrest, the airbubbl. draws in polluted air and removes nitrogen dioxide along with all other pollutants before releasing clean air back to the driver and passengers.

”  Johnson along with the website states “When you are in your car you are directly in the lanes of traffic and taking air into the car from the exhaust of cars in front of you.  This means there are greatly elevated levels of air pollution inside of a vehicle… They could be between 20 and 40 times above the accepted exposure limits.”  This mass exposure to transportation pollution is neither good to people nor the environment.  Since a vehicle is such a confined space it is likely that the air we breathe is worse.

 These pollutants are intaken by both plants and animals which we use in our everyday life causing a health hazard, since these unhealthy toxins are being breathed and consumed.  So transportation pollution is not only affecting people but also the environment.Secondly, people are the main cause of deforestation.  The world Wildlife Fund also known as WWF, is an organization whose main mission is to “stop degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature,”. The WWF works with UN organizations, IUCN, USAID, World bank, and many more.

 Forest covers 31% of the land area on our planet and the WWF states that “Some 46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost each year— equivalent to 48 football fields every minute.”  To bring that into better terms, one football field is equivalent to 57,600 square feet.  The pre-industrial area of forest was 5.9 billion hectares (one hectare is equal to 2.

47 acres, 5.9 billion hectares=14,573,000,000 acres) compared to the now 4 billion hectares (9,880,000,000 acres).  According to the WWF’s website, some causes of deforestation include illegal logging, fires, and fuel wood harvesting.  The rapid deforestation brings many consequences into play such as increased greenhouse gas emissions, disruption of water cycles, increased soil erosion and disrupted livelihoods.  People constantly destroy woodlands in order to add in that nice subdivision down the road or to add in the megastore, Walmart.

 This maybe adding in more space for people but it is destroying the homes of many animalsIndeed, while there are other causes, the main cause of environmental pollution is people.  The environment is gradually being degraded because of the amount of transportation pollution and the rapid deforestation.  This planet is the home of everyone and will not last forever due to environmental pollution.  This has been going for what seems like forever and has become something we are used to.

 Although it is a normality it is very hazardous to everyone and will gradually become worse.

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