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Imagine being infected by a disease which robs you of your ability to breathe and causes you to be bedridden for extreme periods of time. For the past ages, episodes of prevalent diseases have plagued and compromised mankind and our society.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, otherwise known as SARS, is one primary example of a modern pandemic that has recently caused distress to the global community and has negatively impacted our world. Due to this pandemic, there have been challenges upon organizations such as the World Health Organization as well as amongst governments and this disease has caused immense outrage. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a disease that is heavily associated with pneumonia and part of the coronavirus family (Khan). This disease is quite catastrophic and it causes severe difficulty in one’s ability to breath and can sometimes, if not immediately treated, cause death. Scientists have been searching for a specific kind of treatment which could be used to prevent one from being infected however, they have not established a vaccine or immunization that could be applied (So, Loletta Kit-Ying).

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There is one type of treatment which has proved to play a heavy role in treating this pandemic in one’s body and this is ribavirin though, the success of this treatment is needed to be further evaluated due to the social limitations it has. Despite its economical benefits, including the decrease in the cost of researching for further treatments and remedies as well as savings in the cost of the hospital stays for the patients, ribavirin does have social implications. Overall, although Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is quite a dangerous disease, ribavirin has proved to have great potential to cure the disease in one’s body, especially through an economical perspective, however can deteriorate one socially.

 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome “is a viral respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus” (Khan). Otherwise known as SARS, this pandemic is typically known to be an extreme type of pneumonia (SARS). Due to this virus, it can cause severe suffering in one’s respiration and can cause death (SARS). The virus is believed to have derived from small mammals in China and eventually spread to humans through the virus (SARS). This infection is also quite contagious and is spread through the contact of infected particles of cough or sneezes, hence being an airborne disease (SARS). According to NHS, it states that “there have been two SARS outbreaks to date, which have resulted in a highly contagious and potentially life threatening forms of pneumonia” (Severe Acute). Both of these outbreaks took place from 2002 to 2004 and luckily, there haven’t been apparent cases of SARS reported globally which shows that the treatments used for the the disease have been effective (Severe Acute). However, to be extremely sure of no future outbreaks, the World Health Organization is monitoring the activity of SARS in all countries as the past outbreaks have proved to spread in quite a rapid fashion and has caused demise amongst the infected citizens (Severe Acute).

Evidently, it seems to be posing quite a dangerous and extensive threat to the health and safekeeping of our global community. According to NHS, it states that “there’s currently no cure for SARS, but research to find a vaccine is ongoing” (Severe Acute). However, it also explains that a treatment that could possibly be utilized includes antiviral medications and one of these medications is ribavirin (Severe Acute). Furthermore, there has been evidence that has proved that this antiviral drug is effective against the virus (Canada) because “of its broad-spectrum antiviral activity against many DNA and RNA viruses” (So, Loletta Kit-Ying).

Based on this statement, it proves that this empirical therapy is quite useful and additionally, this website continues to explain that it has become one of the most fundamental treatment for SARS. On the contrary, it is still a debatable question as to whether or not ribavirin has any significance in eliminating this pandemic due to the the negative social implications of the medication which seem to overrule the economical benefits of ribavirin. Secondly, like I previously explained, ribavirin seems to have negative social implications but on the contrary, also has economical benefits. Ribavirin has not been used as prominently as it should be because based upon several articles, it explains that there are two economical advantages. First of all, according to NCBI, it explains that the economical costs are quite catastrophic and are elevated due to “the need to maintain sterile environments, implement prevention measures, and conduct basic research” (Lee and McKibbin). One of the most extravagant costs of SARS includes the need to conduct research which is required in order to search for more advanced and effective treatments which could be applied to treating the pandemic. Scientists have been searching for this treatment for quite a long time however they have not yet been able to establish an efficient vaccine and hence, there is a crucial need to research in order to prevent for the infection of SARS.

Evidently, research is something that requires one third of the total cost of treating the pandemic, however, if ribavirin was to be more noticed and if an increased people used it to treat SARS, more advanced research would not be required therefore not using as much of the economy. This is one essential benefit that I recognized about the ribavirin because without an established treatment, the cost of researching about treatments for this disease would be quite substantial and this could affect the economy. The second economical benefit is based upon the savings in hospital costs. According to Springerlink, it explains that the utilization of ribavirin may spawn a minimization of “therapeutic interventions and duration of hospital stay” (Snell).

This statement explains that due to ribavirin, it could have a more effective and rapid treatment time span which could lead to the reduction of the imperativeness of therapy sessions and staying in the hospital for extensive periods of time which would be necessary without a medication like ribavirin. Using this medication also comes this important benefit of savings in hospital costs which is one important benefit of ribavirin. To summarize, ribavirin has two specific economic benefits, but, contrastingly, there are also limitations of the medication, ribavirin, which impact individuals on a more social term. Thirdly, although ribavirin has economical benefits, along with the medication also comes two social limitations which include depression and how the medication has teratogenic potential. Firstly, depression is common with many medications including other remedies that are used for SARS and other diseases such as malaria. Depression is defined as the state of being miserable and typically has negative repercussions on the way in which one feels, thinks and acts which proves it to be quite a major disorder (Parekh).

One of the most primary consequences of using ribavirin is depression because the medication affects the central nervous system meaning that it induces depression and fluctuations in the way someone acts (Koren et al.). Eventually, after ingesting multiple doses of this medication, it can lead to severe neuropsychiatric effects which means that it can lead to disorders in one’s mental and emotional status (Koren et al.). This would be a social implication because it can affect the social interactions of an individual and cause their connections and relationships to suffer because depression can cause one to want to be isolated and not want to be around groups of people (Tracy). This is one of the most pivotal disadvantages of ribavirin and the other negative impact of ribavirin is that it has teratogenic potential which means the medication contains terotegen which can stall the development of the embryo hence postponing and disturbing the birth process of a child or it can produce a birth defect (Medical Definition). According to CMAJ, it explains that the recent development of utilizing ribavirin in the treatment of SARS is extremely more likely to result in much more malfunctions within the embryo of the woman whilst in pregnancy (Karen et al.).

Karen and her partners also state that “ribavirin interferes with DNA and RNA replication and hence may affect the embryo” (Karen et al.). This means that it is a social implication because it can affect the relationship which one has with their significant other as well. Overall, although ribavirin comes with many advantages which are viewed through an economical perception, there are two social limitations which include depression as well as the fact that the medication contains teratogen which means that it stalls pregnancy hence impacting one socially. In conclusion, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a horrific disease which has caused distress for all of our global community due to the fact that major outbreaks have taken place hence the need for organizations to continue to monitor the activity of this disease. Based on scientific research, using ribavirin which is antiviral can eliminate the disease through its antiviral activity with the DNA and RNA of SARS. However, even though ribavirin can treat this disease, it has negative social impacts on society which include depression which is one of the side effects as well as the fact that the treatment has teratogenic potential.

On the other hand, ribavirin does have economical benefits as well which include the savings in hospital costs as well as the major cost of research for an alternative treatment. Overall, ribavirin has efficacy when treating SARS, especially through its economical benefits, but along the benefits comes social ramifications which need to be further assessed.

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