Immense rebuilt, or that new vulnerabilities will be

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Last updated: December 26, 2019

Immense impact of a natural disaster, its causes and consequences are often affected by the human race. As they say-‘without people there is no disaster’ ( O’ Keefe, Westgate & Wisner, 1976)there is nothing natural about them, the true threat, thus, being not the nature but the inhabitants of the affected area and the conditions they dwell in. It combines two elements: events and vulnerable people. In the developing world, with fastest growing and poorest populations, the impacts of climate change are exacerbated by conditions of poverty, inadequate infrastructure and a lack of technical, human and financial capacity which renders them incapable to plan communties and build homes that will be resilient through nature’s trials.

If those root causes are not considered after the disaster, there is a danger that same vulnerable state will rebuilt, or that new vulnerabilities will be created. Building resilience Architecture is of critical importance in developing coastal cities facing extreme environmental circumstances relating to climate change and subsequent conditions of natural hazard. Current architectural responses to these potentially disastrous conditions, however are reactive than anticipatory. In order to mitigate the negative outcomes of climate change adaptation, vulnerability reduction and disaster prevention is critical in protecting the livelihoods of millions of people. Holistic design strategies which anticipate, prepare and respond to cyclone and flood disasters are integral to enhancing physical and social resilience. Probability of cyclones, storm surge and floods over the next several decades necessitates that architecture serve as a vehicle in enhancing the resilient capacities of both the built environment and those who inhabit it, in turn, reducing vulnerability to natural hazards, facilitating recovery and creating communities which are better able to respond to imminent disaster conditions.  

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