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Last updated: July 24, 2019

Immigrant farmworkers are some of our country’s most important workers, as their labor make life easier for us to enjoy high quality, cheap, fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.

Despite farmworkers’ economic and cultural contributions to the communities where they live and work, they continue to be the some of the lowest paid, least protected, and one of the most inhumane working conditions in the United States. During the years of 1992 to 2005 the fatality rate for foreign workers had a huge spike, 5,691 foreign born workers died per hundred thousand born workers. The great depression is a great comparison of what most, if not all, of the non-American born workers been through, Steinbeck had great examples of what . We need to help these workers out in every way we can before the next apple picked costs someone their life. Steinbeck uses detached writing, this can really spread the situation of the people living in the tents and the poorest people living during the great depression. The way in which Steinbeck writes make the reader feel on their own, rather then having the author tell us how he feels; notice how Steinbeck never told us how he felt throughout the article. In paragraphs 6-23, in the article The Harvest Gypsies, multiple families having newborns are devisated with the death of the kids to the point where the family members throw in the towel early.

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Most of the families in the article have the appearance that they lived a better live before the dust bowl, according to the first family: “The father of the family once had a little grocery store,” now the families mentioned in the article lost everything and are slowly subsiding to their own deaths by malnourishment. We can make our assumptions on what we feel for the poorer people of the great depression, as a result of the authors writing, in addition we can see that the families in the article lack of basic needs to survive. Why should American teens work immigrant jobs? The teens and adolescents of the United States should be competing for immigrant jobs. Almost all teens today are not the providers for their families, they have lots of free time and need money. Immigrants have to have a proper salary to feed their kids, pay their mortgage, etc… Farmworkers are the providers to the U.S. food source, and although our population relies on their labor to put food on the table, these workers lack basic rights, face exploitation and live in fear of reporting abuses.

Our issue would be solved if our teens worked for their payment doing the same job. While farm workers run the complete range of being U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, seasonal laborers on special guest worker visas, or undocumented workers, most are affected by immigration status; it is estimated that at least 6 out of 10 of our country’s farmworkers are undocumented.

The vast majority of workers (78%), according to the most recent National farm workers Survey, is not born in America and crossed the Mexican-American border to get here.We take for granted everything we have, the roof over your head the clothes you’re wearing, and your three square meals a day, immigrants who have picked the foods you eat are starving, and they’re hardly making the legal minimum wage. You and I can help them together by pushing our state council to form a union for the farmworkers, this will not only help the farmworkers it will help us feel better when the food on our table is not processed by underpaid immigrants and corrupt corporations.  Everyone needs to help support the farm workers, if we cannot push our state’s council to make new laws to help the harvesters, buying the products at your local market and avoid all major companies that underpay their farmworkers. Boycotting is a really easy and effective method, look at The Grape Boycott; Cesar Chavez had the Union for Farm Workers’ members and supports boycott all grapes and grape products including all of the company’s produce that owned the vineyard. The Grape Boycott, according to l3d.cs., “This boycott was the most successful in American history,” this is a easier solution that will have a positive affect for the farmers. Creating a better union for the workers is the fastest solution towards equal payment and humain working conditions. Unions are helpful for obtaining a the needs that the workers want, as said by Investopedia about unions, “They exist in a wide variety of industries, from heavy manufacturing to the government, and assist workers in obtaining better wages and working conditions.” Pushing the union to the corporations and councils will help the immigrants for sure.

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