Should immigrants have the freedom to live in our country

Our Home Secretary David Blunkett and our Prime Minister Tony Blair have thought over this question for many months.

If everybody agreed to this statement that immigrants should be allowed to live in our country, then I am sure our small island would soon be over-run with people.I believe that if a person wishes to join a community then they should be required to prove they have a lot to contribute, not just that they wish to live off our benefits system. Which many British people do.

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The amount of false Asylum seekers coming to Britain have forced Newspapers such as The Sun to print articles on the fact that our immigration laws are so soft only one in ten are actually sent back to their home-lands. These newspapers in fact use racist language against many genuine Asylum seekers, but how can they know if they are false or genuine if not even our Government or Home Secretary know?These figures that show only one in ten Asylum seekers are sent home have caused so much speculation that even Mr Blair has admitted, Asylum levels are “unacceptable” and that he hopes to cut numbers.Also racism is being born from these rumours, so much so that Asian and Black African Britain’s are being subjected to it.

These rumours blame immigrants for diseases such as HIV, TB, and Hepatitis B being brought onto our shores. People are also using soft immigration laws to blame such things as the horrific death of Detective Steve Oaks on innocent immigrants.I personally believe that these rumours could be true but how could immigrants or Asylum seekers bring such diseases to our shores purposely? Also how can the true perpetrators of such a death as Detective Oaks blame innocent people? Why should all foreign Men, Women and Children be tarred with the same brush as those who have actually carried out a crime?If we tightened our immigration laws then it would cut racism, rumours, and unemployed citizens blaming immigrants for their problems. It would also cut homeless levels, because as everyone knows we no longer have room to house our own old age pensioners without having to house ‘refugees’ from other countries. Plus if we stopped immigration hospitals wouldn’t be so crowded as there would be less of a population.There is also disadvantages to tightening immigration laws as there would be less non-British citizens so how can out children learn equality? By tightening immigration laws there would be more jobs open but also more menial job openings.

Many British people refuse to do menial jobs so who would work? There would also still be unemployment.When our Home Secretary David Blunkett denounced those who called Asylum seekers ‘A tide of disease and terrorism pouring into the country’ by saying ‘What a way to describe people who have been beaten, tortured or raped from their homelands’ it made many people think. They thought how lucky we are to live in a peaceful democratic country and some even thought that everyone deserves what we have. So why shouldn’t immigrants be allowed into our country?All that needs to be done is for immigration laws to change slightly. Change so that people who wish to work can prove themselves, but those who wish to live off Benefit systems are sent back to their homelands. Thank you for listening.

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