Immigration and Cardiff.[SJ(1] Because of immigration, people are

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Immigrationhas affected modern Britain in many ways.

The purpose of this essay is to havean answer to the question what extent have Somali immigrant’sway of expressing their culture through music and poetry been affected byBritish culture. in my research, it will go through Somali immigrants thatimmigrated from their countries between 1980-2014.this research will go  through Somali communities existin Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, London, Sheffield andCardiff.SJ(1 Becauseof immigration, people are different in significant ways from one another andthese differences create both opportunities and challenges. Differences such ascultural identity have been forged into newSJ(2 Immigrantsto Britain come from all over the world, some are from countries who have a lotin common with Britain and they find it easier to fit into the British culture.There are, however, many people from cultures that are very different from theBritish culture Immigrants that have settled in Britain have oftendone so due to the political and religious oppression they faced at home orbecause of the economic opportunities that Britain seemed to represent.Immigrants have brought with them their own faiths and cultures that haveinfluenced British society.SJ(3  Theinfluence of immigration on British culture is an extremely hot topic at a timewhen British society is actively discussing the success or failure ofmulti-culturalism.

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  Part of Britishsociety believes that to have a broad-based society in which all religions,races and creeds are accepted as equals is what makes Britain great. SJ(4

html Migration is a process of social change wherean individual, alone or accompanied by others, because of one or more reasonsof economic betterment, political upheaval, education or other purposes, leavesone geographical area for prolonged stay or permanent settlement in anothergeographical area.1        Inthis criterion, I assess these three questions Iraised in this essay and they areSJ(5 : Do Somalis havethe same culture as the Britons?How do the British people see the Somali culture?Is Somali culture endangering their language, culture,and literature?Theseare three crucial questions at the heart of our concerns.SJ(6 Before we answer them, people ask: what is theBritish culture?  SJ(7 Britain is multi-cultural and immigrants andasylum seekers are more than welcome as long as they embrace the Britishculture. Many people, however, fail to explain what British culture is. Is itfreedom of speech, freedom of movement, democracy, tolerance, respect or politeness?SJ(8 We find that Somali culture and Britishculture have certain things in common when it comes to greeting, politeness andhospitability.Culture,as dictionary defines the art and other manifestations of human intellectualachievement regarded collectively  https://en. when people migrate fromone nation or culture to another they carry their knowledge and expressions ofdistress with them. In this paper, various hypotheses explaining the impact ofSomali immigration act of migration on British culture are described. The studyexplores how Somali immigrants interact with the British natives and how theyspeared their culture.The earliest Somaliimmigrants in the UK were lascars and merchants who arrived in the 19thcentury. A second small group of seamen came during the Second World War withthe Royal Navy, and stayed in search of employment. During the 1980s and 1990s,the civil war in Somalia led to many Somali immigrants, comprising most of thecurrent Somali population in the UK. https://books. 2017-10-16 12:02It is thought that the United Kingdom (UK) is home tothe largest Somali community in Europe, with an estimated 114,000 Somali-bornimmigrants residing in the UK in 2014 according to the Office for NationalStatistics. The majority of these live in England, with the largest numberfound in London. Smaller Somali communities exist in Birmingham, Bristol,Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Sheffield and Cardiff. Immigration results in specificchallenges to reduce or remove differences between newcomers and natives. Thisis what is meant by immigrant integration.

The impacts of immigration have beenfelt in many areas such as from jobs, education and housing through tolanguage, diet and the arts. SJ(9  Itmust be emphasized that migration is not only a trans-national process but canalso be rural–urban. Any such process involves not only leaving social networksbehind (which may or may not be well established) but also includesexperiencing at first a sense of loss, dislocation, alienation and isolation,which will lead to processes of acculturation. https://www. to Britain come from allover the world, some are from countries who have a lot in common with Britainand they find it easier to fit into the British culture. And, there are manycultures that are very different from the British culture. For example, peoplewho come from south Africa America and Australia have common language withBritish and people from Sweden and Norway they have basic western culture incommon with Britain while. people from Asian countries might find difficultbecause they have very little commonalities. Britain has a rich culture ofarchitecture, literature, theatre, cinema and history. Now, Britain findsitself having to deal with a massive immigration dilemma and many angry Britonswho are opposing the immigration policy and the constant influx of foreignersto the country.

Therefore, British peopleare becoming interested in Somali culture when it comes to hospitality, braveryand eloquence. 14.05SJ(10   SJ(11 1 https://academic.oup.

com/bmb/article/69/1/129/5233402017-10-16-22.44   SJ(1What does this mean? SJ(2This sentence has not end. SJ(3Remove is you wish since it is very general. But you can keep it ifyou wish as a general point of view. SJ(4This should have a source. SJ(5Rephrase this sentence into something clear and simple instead.

 SJ(6These questions need to be changed. SJ(7Avoid these kind of obvious sentences. SJ(8Rephrase so it is a claim and make sure you have a source for thesecore values. SJ(9This is good, it connects with your research question.

 SJ(10Remove this since this is not connected with your RQ. SJ(11All this text must be more logically structured, right now it is abit chaotic.

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