Impressionism extreme chromaticism, a big use of the piano

Impressionism music dynamic part in between 1875 and 1925 andit was a way to show your mood and emotion through music and using instrumentsto create a feel or a picture to the audiences and the listeners of the piecethis was usually made for people to get a picture in people’s minds whileenjoying it to for example is his piece fireworks. The two main contributors toimpressionism is Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, but it was mainly Claude Debussy.The word impressionism comes a painting from France. In this essay the focus onwould be impressionism and its history and the aspects of it, and also talkingDebussy’s life and some composition styles that were used during theimpressionism era.Therea lot of composers in impressionism but Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel are to most   importantpeople in impressionism, however Debussy didn’t accept this record the one in a1908 letter he created the “imbeciles call ‘impressionism’, a term activewith the best imprecision, especially by art criticizers who used it as a tagto baton on Turner” and Maurice Ravel displayed distress with it, at onepoint demanding that it could not be sufficiently applied to music at all. Debussy’simpressionist works typically “suggest a mood, feeling, atmosphere, or act”by using musical images through characteristic to make themes, harmony, exoticscales such as the whole-tone and the pentatonic scales, instrumental timbre, the9th chord , 11th chord, 13th chord, similar gesture,vague tone, extreme chromaticism, a big use of the piano pedals, and the use ofother types of elements.

Ernest Fanelli was set tohave revolutionized the impressionism style in the early 1880s, however hisworks was never shown before 1912. The performance of his works in 1912 weremostly focused to entitlements that where his original type of musical impressionism.Ravel wrote, “this impressionism is surely very different from that of composersthese days. Mr. Fanelli’s impressionism originates more directly from Berlioz.The time whenRomanticism was introduced was from 1790 to the 1850, and during the time, theystarted to create the romantic attitude, which was textured in many pieces of musicin the Western civilization.

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This movement continued on as a rebellious declarationagainst the social and religious who were set up in those times. Some Crucialcreativity, romanticism represented individualism, subjectivism, irrationalism,imagination, emotions and nature. The program reputable the reignof gush over mind. The Romantic Movement accords with the onset of radicalchanges in society that ultimately concluded in the French Revolution and theNapoleonic era. Challenging all conservative rules, the artists of this governmentexplored human character and its related passion; and many other genres such asfolk culture, the national and ethnic origins, and the medieval era.

The firstAmerican school of landscape painting was made by Hudson River School. ThomasCole was the innovator of the group. Other well-known artists that shaped partof the group involved George Caleb Bingham, Asher B. Durand, Thomas Moran,Albert Bierstadt, Frederic Edwin Church, George Inness, John Frederic Kensettand Martin Johnson Heade.Achille Claude Debussy was born august 22 1862 anddied march 25 1915, he was raised in Saint Germain en Laye France. He was theoldest of his five brothers, whilst living with a family with very limitedmoney, but it didn’t stop him from enjoying music, at age of seven he became totake piano lessons and was so good that at age 11 he got sent to Paris conservatory.

At the age of 22, he one prix de Rome, that made him financed two years for musicalstudies in the capital, after this he turned himself to a leading figure of Frenchmusic. During WW1 France got bombed and that gave Claude Debussy colon cancerat the age of 55. After that he spent the rest of his life writing as a criticand composing his pieces internationally. His music is usually associated with contemporaryimpressionist in a painting, His approach led it into sharing some characteristicsin the style. He mainly uses whole tone scales and sharp notes and usually likesto emphasize onhow the waves keep on going and coming on the boat in the sea in his piece Hommagea voile. He uses this so people can image the picture of them in the sea on theboat and he do this to all his other pieces like fireworks how he goes low andhigh then back to low like fireworks they start on low pitched noise then whenthey go up in the air they get a high-pitched sound and explode and go low again,it was like his piece.In conclusion, impression has used a lot of musictechniques and styles, and it was different from other music because draws apicture to your minds, it wasn’t like other types of music that’s what made it uniqueand people would enjoy listening to it, while they can make their own type ofimpressionism and expressing themselves.

In impressionism the main composerswere Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, and impressionism used a lot of scalesand tone which took a major part in impressionism.

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