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Last updated: July 25, 2019

In the past, only the richest among us were able to afford placing leather chairs in their homes. However, ever since lifestyles, salary levels, and buying habits changed, more and more people are now able to buy their own leather chairs. In fact, there really is nothing stopping most of us from purchasing antique versions of leather chairs, if we want to. Buying one is an expensive endeavor, but for the quality that is offered by good leather, the purchase is well worth the investment.

 Just like everything else in our homes, the best way for us to preserve our furniture is to take good care of them. And we can do so by cleaning them weekly. In the case of antique leather furniture, however, a certain set of cleaning guidelines need to be followed. If you don’t use your antique leather chair much, you can simply get the job done by wiping it with a soft piece of cloth. But if it has seen its best days with you already, you might want to rid of deep seated dirt by using a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristled brush. In the case of spills, you must blot the stained area immediately. Never wipe it off or it might spread and become permanent.

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After which, attempt to get the stain off by rubbing it lightly with a piece of cloth that has been dampened with mild soap and water. Before you make any moves or apply any product, though, you must first check the furniture’s tag to see whether it should be cleaned in a specific way.There are many types of leather. So, the value of your antique leather chair depends on its make. With this in mind, how your antique leather chair is cleaned will also depend on what leather variant it is made of. Do not simply assume that all cleaning methods work for all types of leather. There are leather kinds that should not be cleaned with water, while some need to be cleansed using a special kind of oil.

Leather chairs are already pricey as they are, and if they are also antiques, they are all the more expensive. Therefore, you should care for your antique leather furniture more thoroughly. The above tips do not necessarily work for all kinds of leather, but they at least give you a general idea on what to do. AGain, before making any moves, check the tag first.


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