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Last updated: March 15, 2019

In this statement of interest, I will demonstrate my motivationsand explain the personal importance to be a part of the MacAbroad exchangeprogram to France.

In addition, I will explain my interest in Lyon 2 and why itcame as my first option and the reason for picking Lyon 3 and 1 as my other twochoices.  To begin with, my name isYoustina Samuel and I am currently a second-year student in McMaster Universitywho is following French as a major. I want to be able to study abroad for manyreasons; starting off, this opportunity will be a great and an incredibleexpansion to my future career as well as my current undergrad which I love. Ihave always dreamt to visit the city of light and explore around the world, andthis experience will allow me to pursue my childhood dream.

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It will allow me totake more risks and be more independent as well as pushing myself out of mycomfort zone and setting a higher standard for myself. This offers me a lifetimeadventure and will allow me to study French furthermore from its originalroots. Studying abroad will form me into a well rounded and a grown person and willbe a great addition on both the personal and the intellectual level. I want tobe able to experience and live in the French culture and apply what I have beenstudying into reality. I have always been a risk taker and I am always open toencounter new surroundings, and this opportunity will be a great extension tomy language and knowledge. My goals for my time away is to improve my French, to learn moreabout the French culture. To engage with my fellow students and be acceptingand sharing both the French and the Canadian culture.

Learning how toculturally fit into France with an open-mind. The exchange program will allowme to meet all the goals that I have for my time away. By being in a foreigncountry, I will be forced to get to practice what I learn and apply what I knowwhenever a situation allows me.

In addition, whether in accommodation orclasses, I will make friends with those of other languages and differentinterests than me, and therefore I can enhance and expand my connections andskills. One of my goals is to listen and speak to and with locals to be able toimprove my French level, to get rid of my shyness and to step out of my comfortzone; and this international experience will allow me to achieve these goalsand benefit from them. Finally, the ability to absorb the culture but also tobring the Canadian culture and to represent McMaster wherever I go. Lyon is oneof the top and most important universities in France and it is one of the mostpopular when it comes to studying languages. To achieve my personal and mycareer goals, I picked Lyon for many reasons, it is internationally known, andmany seek it for language acquisition purposes in addition to the benefits itoffers on a personal level starting from self-development to attaininglong-term goals and maturity. By expanding my horizons and reaching out to ahistorical and an international university, I will come back with more ambitionand love towards my studies which will further my McMaster academics. As astudent, thinking to do a Master degree in McMaster will need a risk taker anda language-oriented student and in my opinion, Lyon is the university that willallow me to discover what is undiscovered in my personality and strengthen myabilities.

I have selected Lyon university as my top institution because thecity of Lyon is one of the most beautiful cities in France, and it is bigenough to travel and explore while pursuing my studies. On the other hand, Ifound a program that is similar to my studies in Canada and as a university,its outstanding curriculum and its great emphasis on literature & flexibility.As of course selection, ”littératures mondiales”, ”20th century Frenchliterature” and ”18th century – littérature” were the courses thatinterested me the most since I was already enrolled in similar courses atMcMaster and fell in love with what they had to offer.  While researching, I have found a signlanguage course (signes & formation) that is 10 minutes away from Lyon 2,this type of extra-curricular activity interested me for a while, since one ofmy friends has actually taught me my name in sign language and I always wantedto learn it to help those in need and make them fit in order to feel accepted. Asa trilingual student, giving me this opportunity to explore a new country willallow me to write a new chapter in my life, excel in my French experience andmark a new milestone.


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