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In the prologue, is it hinting that perhaps two doomed younglings from two families who hold a grudge towards each other fall in love and commit suicide in the end. Their forbidden romance is an unfortunate tragedy that is bound to be miserable.In this passage, Sampson and Gregory, who are both Capulet servant appears to be calling a Montague servant a dog. This portrays the feud between the house of Montague and house of Capulet showing them to be sworn enemies. Simply seeing the face of a Montague servant is as a result of sheer coincidence enough to anger Sampson. The enraged Capulet servant also insulted the Montague servant by addressing him as a dog.

As Abram, a Montague servant enters armed, Sampson and Gregory continue to insult and mock the Montagues. Soon, the situation quickly escalates into a full blown fight. This shows that the hatred that the Montagues and Capulets have towards each other is enough for them to engage in a duel to the death.

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In the past, only royal and wealthy families were allowed to wear purple clothing. This is mostly due to the fact that purple dye was extremely valuable and expensive, so the lower class citizens could not afford them. The fact that the Montagues and Capulets bleed purple blood is a symbol saying they are royal families. The Prince is rebuking the two families that although they are members of the upper class, their decision to start a fight in the streets is completely unacceptable.This implies that the conflict stirred up between the Montagues and the Capulets has caused disturbance to the peace of Verona for numerous times in the past.

To be exact, there has been three previous occasions where a fight has erupted from these two enemies. The Prince has had enough and demands that if the Capulets and Montagues ever dare to cause disturbance to the quiet streets of Verona again, their deaths shall serve as the punishment This foreshadows that there may be a possible fight between the two households again in the near future.The characterization of Romeo reveals him  to be rather dramatic and also quite emotional indeed. This can be seen from how he exclaims, “Oh! Time flies when you’re in love. And how sad hours seem long.

“This dialogue between Romeo and Benvolio is an important part since it contributes to the exposition of the play. In the exposition, Romeo seems to be heartbroken since he is in love with Rosaline, whom he has not even met in person. However, she does not love him back. This is not certain though since they still haven’t had a single conversation yet.

This discussion between Romeo and Benvolio sheds light on how Benvolio is truly a helpful friend of Romeo’s. It is clearly shown that he is trying his best to get Romeo out of his depression by teaching him to look at other beautiful girls. That way, it will help cure Romeo’s lovesickness and forget about how Rosaline broke his heart.

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