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Last updated: May 19, 2019

In modern life, we see manychallenges and problems associated with the buildup of technology. Multi-objecttracking is non-different from this. Ever since the terrorist attack thathappened in New York people wanted better security. Indeed, the surveillancecameras to provide the efficientsecurity, but there is a need to make it better by decoding its algorithms.

Theydesired these cameras to focus on detecting humans with suspicion moreaccurately. There is a need to have high-quality methods for getting the betteraccuracy at targeting wrongdoings. Peoplehave developed and proposed multiple ways for this but that was not efficient.

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Till now cameras are capturing only one single target. People then proposed the idea ofhaving a multi-camera system to capture theactions of one single person. For this, they will need different kinds ofalgorithms to extract some important features of the target so that when thesame person appears again, the camera will recognize them. The computer representation ofthe tracking objects should be made for a properapproach towards multi-object tracking. There have been developed manystrategies for that but this answer will cover the most important aspect ofrequired and possible solutions for this problem. Thetracking problem.

 By definition, the multi-objecttracking is a system that captures the configuration of multiple moving ornon-moving objects and determines separate identities in various frames one byone. Many professionals are working to solve this multi-tracking problem by applying two primary approaches. Thefirst is when information is taken from inter-camera and second is associatedwith input detection in the global phenomenon.  Before that, the important topicsfor understanding are activity recognition and object recognition, tracking,and detection. The rear is used to find the configurations and locations of thecaptured objects belonging to a particular type. Recognition refers to the taskto identify objects with respect to the type of class it belongs to.

Theclassic example can be a car that has been identified by its manufacturer. The tracking system is thecombination of the other two explained aspects of this system. The focus iskept on identifying the frames by drawing correspondences from one frame toanother.

This is usually done so that they can have consistent labels. The ending task is to recognizethe activity over a period of time whileignoring the fact that it is quite similar to the previous one. The onlydifference one could make out is that the tracking follows continuous frameswhereas the end task is done to focus on one goal. This follows the tracking observationsin which people recognize activities that are often more complex thanpreviously done. A good example is a handbag thathas been left behind by a person and it has been recognized by the surveillancecameras.

 Trackingin offline and online systems. The online tracking refers to theprocess in which only the past and the information of the present are availableto process and get the results. The other one refers to the collection ofinformation to be viewed even without the access to the internet. This tracking system on online management is said to be real-time tracking in common terms. This systemgives the result of tracking almost instantly as it arrives. There is a vast differencebetween all the above-mentioned methodsthat is online, real-time and offline.Usually, the offline technique is notquite useful for interactive purposes. It cannot produce quicker results.

 The offline method is only usedwhen for the collection of traffic statistics and other related methods such asvideo indexing. The offline system canimprove the tracking system because they can access saved videos on their hard drives. Offline methods can be effective over the online technology since the time constraints inthe former do not exist. But there’s a catch, even online systems can act as ifthey are standalone offline systems.

This can be done by providing time delaymechanisms. There are many models in multiple tracking systems that are managedonline. But few discussed below are still online systems.

Difficulty in the trackingsystem. Objectmodeling is the most problematic aspect multi-object tracking system. Thecomputers still cannot define the identityof an object with respect to computers. The good example is the trackingprogram for a dog.

If the programmerdesires to track a certain dog, he should program such a system by givingdetailed descriptions of that particular dog that differs from other objects.The color, size, shape, breed and any birthmarkof the dog should be clearly described. He should be careful enough to avoidmaking mistakes as much as possible. If something goes wrong, the program willidentify a cat as a dog. This marks themulti-object tracking little more difficult. The system should be able to dealwith the visual description of a particular object in an efficient way.

Inobject modeling, each and every object captured should be recognized in the correct and effective way. The varietiesof aspects may differ from textures, shapes, motion, background, and color. Challenges in the generictracking system. Even thesystem successfully performs the object modeling function, the problem ariseswhen the appearance of the captured object changes, like a thief wearing adifferent attire to fool the officials. One way the object modeling can tacklethis problem is by constructing 3D models and having a collection of fewtemplates based on appearance. The secondmethod for this is by changing the shapedirectly. Nonmoving objects are easy to track and identify.

But humans change clothes every day, they deform. Such objectsrequire a much complex mechanism of the algorithm to track them effectively. The changeof hairstyle is a good example in thiscase.

This needs a high level of model preparation to identify high dimensionalobjects. 

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