In around Peking had made the Western powers

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In the 1900s life was very different they had so many things. but to see that we have advanced in technology.

we went from using steal plows to tractors and we really don’t have to put in that much work anymore. Back then they had to pick cotton by hand and they had to separate the seeds from the cotton. Oil was find in towns and all over texas and they were called boom towns. The Great Galveston Hurricane, known regionally as the Great Storm of 1900, was a Category 4 storm, with winds of up to 145 mph, which made landfall on September 8 1900.

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 The 1900 was the biggist year for the usa we fought in both ww1 and ww2 and win our military. Was unrivaled and we were a global superpower.The Boxer Rebellion, The Boxer Rebellion was a supposed peasant uprising that was supported by the Empress Dowager’s Court. The European residents of Peking had started to call the rebels Boxers from their boxing rituals and calisthenics beliefs. Their society can be translated into English as ‘the righteous and harmonious hands,’ and was encouraged in their anti-Western actions by the more conservative elements of the Ch’ing Dynasty’s Court.

The Boxer’s influence around Peking had made the Western powers send a relief force to their legations’ aid from the coastline of Tientsin. The Empress Dowager had ordered the Imperial Forces to stop the approaching foreign troops, but the Europeans and Japanese had captured the coastline’s strategic forts in order to keep the road to Peking open. The Dowager Empress had ordered all foreigners killed, and the ones in Peking were besieged in their legations or in the city’s Roman Catholic church.

 The regional governors did not support the Boxers, and on August 14th the foreign troops entered.Work On New York Subway Begins, Work on the New York subway begins on the first section from City Hall to the Bronx in the year 1900. It was financed by the issue of rapid transit bonds by the City of New York and because no company was willing to take the risk of such a large project. The city decided to build the subways itself by subcontracting with the IRT. who ran the elevated railways in the city to equip and operate the subways, sharing the profits with the City and guaranteeing a fixed five-cent

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