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Last updated: August 23, 2019

In five years I will just be getting out of college getting my Bachelors degree. I plan to get a job starting at a small game company and I would eventually like to work my way up to a bigger game company. What is concept art? Concept art, also called visual development, is the beginning designs that are used to start the look and idea of a project. Concept artists can do art for any project like, video games, comic books, films, or any kind of media. I want to be a concept artist for a video games. Since I was a kid I’ve always loved drawing, and I kept drawing even though I wasn’t good at it.

I have also been playing games since I was a child as well. When I found out about concept artists I knew that was the career I wanted. Some skills that you need to learn to be a concept artist is, you have to be able to draw from life, knowledge of anatomy and architecture, you should have skills in comic book art or storyboarding, imaginative and creative, you need communication skills because you will be working with a group of people. The artists work under the supervision of a lead artist. Many artists specialize in drawing human figures and characters, others might be better at building designing and landscapes. Concept artists usually start of with sketches and after they have their rough sketch, they show the manager of the project and if the manager approves they go to a 3D modeler and they take the sketch and make a model of the concept for the game.

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      Concept artist will sometimes just pass the concept art off to a modeler, or they are involved through the entire process of the design. A good concept artist will take their sketch that was approved, make a 3D model, and then some of them will follow their work to the production of it. Art directors for video games usually hire multiple artist to make concepts. The artists make many concepts so that they have a variation of concepts to choose from when making the final feeling of the game.      Someone who would enjoy being a concept artist is anyone who enjoys art, like drawing or painting. Anyone can come up with concepts. Usually if you work at a company that makes video games you work normal office hours, and you could take your work home and work on it. The education needed to be a concept artist is a bachelors degree in fine arts.

Almost all employers want someone with a bachelors degree. I have to take the SAT to go to a college out of state. You can get a bachelors degree at any college that offers art classes. A college in California that I would like to go to is the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. They offer tons of art programs including fine art.

The starting salary for a concept artist in California is $73,668. The monthly income would be $4,788.5 a month. For me this is a good salary and after I pay all of my bills I’d still have some money left over. I think this is a good salary and it’s just the starting salary, if you get promotions your salary would go up.           Concept art is a very important part of video game making, if not the most important.

If you look up concept art online you get amazing final drawings, but that isn’t what a concept artist draws. Concept artists and Illustrator artists are different. A concept artist uses quick sketches, while an Illustrator takes the sketch to make a beautiful, intricate drawing. Concept artists have a distinct set of skills. Like using paint, drawing programs, pencils, and graphics. They also don’t just draw character concepts, they also draw vehicles, weapons, and environments.      To get a job as a concept artist, a lot of popular employers actually want someone with a degree in fine arts, painting, animation, or anything in that field. If you’re just starting out, an associate degree could help you at a entry level field.

For jobs that are higher than entry level, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t matter what kind of degree program you choose to take, but there are important classes you need to take. Like drawing of course, painting, illustrating, and computer graphics. Anatomy would also prove to be useful because you will be drawing characters. Just getting a degree isn’t the only step to becoming a concept artists. Employers also prefer that you have a minimum of three years experience. Concept artists are a vital part of the making and production of a video game. They are important and big and small companies.

     The Bureau of Labor statistics reported that employment for concept artists is expected to expand by only 4 percent between 2012 and 2022. However, people who are good at digital art will have more opportunity because people want very detailed pictures and backgrounds. Game companies are always looking for people who show amazing style, creatively and talent. Also being a concept artist doesn’t just require you to be able to draw, you need to know how to use computer illustration software, be good a communication, have a interest in design, and you need to be flexible and adapt to change. A concept artist also needs to work as part of a team, with other artists. Becoming a concept artist isn’t as easy as it is made out to be. Anyone can become one, but most people who start off to become one, usually don’t finish.

  Having talent won’t just get you a free pass, you have to work hard. You also have to have a goal. My goal is to become a senior character concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment studios in games like Overwatch. It isn’t bad to have a back up goal either. My back up goal is to be a concept artist at Bioware for games like Dragon age. The job is sink or swim.     Another thing you should do is find where your strengths are and finding out what your weakness are, and improving on them.

Another important step is making at portfolio. You want to build up your portfolio with things you’re good at drawing. You want to put in your best work, but also try to put in different styles to show your employer that you have different styles. Like depending on what game and what company you’re working for, you want to have different styles. I’ve found that California is the best place to do any career with art. California is the capital of creativity.

It’s where a lot of game companies are located, and its when movies are always made, it’s an ideal place to find a job as a concept artist.     Being a concept artist is the career I want to pursue. Drawing and art is my passion and I want to be able to do it for the rest of my life. Steps that I could take towards achieving this career is choose a college that I want to go to. I also need to take the SAT to be able to go to a college out of state. Also if you’re just starting out as an artist, you should try to draw every day just to build skills and get practice. Even if you don’t want to be a concept artist there are tons of other jobs you can have with the same training.

Some examples are a Graphic designer, product design, illustration , and environmental design

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