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Last updated: June 17, 2019

In the article “Trading smartphone time for sleep?  Your loss” by Sharon Oosthoek is about how teens have been losing quality sleep and how it relates to looking at a screen at night.  A psychologist at San Diego State University in California named Jean Twenge says that lack of sleep can be linked to depression, anxiety, obesity, and not doing well in school.  She lead a new study on this relationship of sleep and screen time with a team.  They took a survey on 370,000 students’ sleep habits.  The results included, “In 2015, more than four in every 10 adolescents logged fewer than seven hours of sleep a night.” and that is two hours less than the sleep recommended for 12-17 year olds.  Jean Twenge noticed that around 2009, a lot more people used smartphones and, “Teens who used electronic devices at least five hours a day were 50 percent more likely not to get enough sleep, they found.

That’s compared to students who spent only an hour a day on such devices.”  As well as blue lights emitted from screens trick the brain into thinking it’s daytime, so you instinctively stay up longer.  More than one study has linked being on a screen for too long can affect the amount of quality sleep someone receives and there are ways scientists and experts recommend to try and battle it and have good “sleep hygiene”. I chose this article because I felt it was easily applicable to myself and others I know.

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 This can be beneficial to a teenager or anybody because it can help them understand that sleep is an important part of functioning properly during the day and mental health.  Teens could also be suffering from depression and anxiety and other issues affected by sleep.  The article could help them identify their feelings and understand what’s going on.  This also relates to science because it is behavioral science and even psychological and/or neurological.  Sleep is important to the everyday life of anybody and it could be helpful in science and solving major issues of certain sorts.

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