In Bol, it self meaning bold but is

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In Bol a contrast between two depictions of types ofwomen is seen when Zainab’s mother does not fight against her husband evenafter he has killed Saifi. That is the newly emerging image is identified asdomineering, sharp tongued, unattractive and castrating.1 as a result of pressurefrom a growing number of the unsatisfied viewers the image is portrayed infilms such as Bol, it self meaning bold but is presented in a distorted way,arousing more suspicion for the women concerned.

 That is in attempt to expose the difficulties,complexities and problems of the life, a staunch reality that exists and howindividuals in the narrative chose to deal with circumstances is vague andimplicitly portrayed For example the actions of Mina and Zainab, that iswhether there actions are justified or not and why does Zainab’s mother notchose to revolt against her husband when he kills Saifi are all open to theaudiences subconscious reception of the message. The lack of selfworth andpower to fight back that exists within the third gender is blatantlyhighlighted that is saifi is completely broken and makes no attempt to fight againstco workers when they bully and harass. The lack of acceptance or confusion ofidentification is portrayed throughout the film and the culture and lack ofacceptance is prominent more explicitly when Zainab is confused and does notlet Saifi dress and express emotions. The movie has covered so many socialissues to break the stereotype and thinking of the society.2 To be phrased as leading todisturbance can be seen as highlighting the prevailing and existing values andsocial issues like corruption, concept of prostitution, lack of education,patriarchy status of women etc.

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The justification with religious references3 For example using religionto oppress women and strengthening the idea of masculinity. The lack ofawareness and identification. Phrased as an example of revived Pakistani cinemalike portrayals of other societal issues do exist even in recent films butgender roles are still divided with women widely represented as sensitive tosome extent if not highly sensitive, the need for love, concept of marriage andthe importance given to it exists with men dominating the image of a saviorwith an un fair and unequal representation of the third gender.

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