In buyer-seller dynamics. This is a lesson my

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Last updated: August 21, 2019

In business, it is not much about understanding what is being sold as it is about understanding the parameters that defines the buyer-seller dynamics. This is a lesson my grandfather, a successful businessmen in the cotton industry, often repeated. As technologies become more sophisticated and the data grows more copious, my first lesson of business has always been my guiding mantra – “Every transaction is at its essence about a buyer, a seller, and a product. The more you understand these dynamics, the more likely the sale”. With the help of fundamental concepts of business taught to me by my grandfather and my expertise in science and technology, I  aim to turn data into information, and information into insight using Analytics.My decision to focus on a career in Analytics was a logical culmination of my fascination for numbers and business studies that galvanized me to choose Mathematics, and Economics as the main subjects in my High School. A natural aptitude for numbers, a sense of logic and interest in problem solving earned me second position in an intra-state aptitude competition “Brain of Bihar”. My academic background honed my skills and bolstered my confidence in problem solving.

I eventually earned a Gold Medal for securing the top most rank in Mathematics in High School. My capacity for diligent work and an empirical approach to understanding things assisted me in receiving admission as an Undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering in one of the most prestigious colleges in India, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. To gain a holistic view of my field, I worked on several projects under my Professors which helped me to gain a better understanding of the subject matter. I developed a Lie Detection Technique using Digital Image Processing where I implemented HAAR Cascade Algorithm in MATLAB to detect eye blink patterns for identification of multiple human behaviors.As a part of my final year project under Professor Vishal Shah, I assessed the feasibility and robustness of an asynchronous and non-invasive EEG – based Brain Computer Interface for continuous mental control of dummy wheelchairs. My growing interest in experiential learning and practical applications led me to find ways to challenge myself in facing real world scenarios. I developed an algorithm using Machine Learning in MATLAB for Road Line Detection & Departure Warning using a camera mounted on a car, implementing SVM algorithm for training my model to detect lane markers. Working on this project developed in me a stalwart affinity towards machine learning.

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The analytical thought process, cultivated over four years during my undergraduation has been instrumental in not merely my academic pursuit but also the professional career path I have chosen for myself.As we know, “time and tide wait for none”, hence, having done my undergraduate and after a good deal of self-evaluation, carefully considering my academic background, areas of my interest, and my ultimate professional ambition, I joined India’s leading big data analytics company, Mu Sigma as a Trainee Decision Scientist where I received training in Statistics, SQL, R, SAS and Excel under Mu Sigma University program. I analysed the impact of a new service offered by an American multinational retail corporation on the sales and revenue of the company using Statistical Analysis in R.To further enhance my working capacities, professional skills and business efficiencies, I joined the team of Analytics Quotient, a Kantar-WPP Company, as a Business Analyst, which helped me in honing my analytical skills acquired so far. I got a chance to work for various industry verticals across the globe. Incorporating ANCOVA, clustering and discriminant analysis in R, I performed statistical test vs control study for a leading Restaurant Chain in US that helped client to target on key drivers across their restaurants to convert their trial customers into repeaters which in-turn helped them to increase their sales and gross profit. Furthemore, I acquired Tableau certification which assisted me in developing Tableau dashboards using “Analytical Pathways” framework for world’s largest Brewing Company to help brand managers understand their brand operations relative to the market category and historical performance, using five disjointed datasets. For a leading Car manufacturer, I developed a targeted strategy using 5W framework to identify expansion and protection opportunities where I found the key differences between buyers and fond rejectors using Regression & Correlation models in R which helped client to convert fond rejectors into buyers.

Also, performed Customer Research Analysis to help them understand which vehicle attribute or group of attributes drives customer satisfaction by performing Multicollinearity analysis and Logistic regression in SAS to identify correlated metrics and the drivers of satisfaction respectively. My other noticeable works include performing value driver analysis for a major steakhouse restaurant chain in America, which involved building a regression model to identify key drivers through leveraging guest satisfaction data and modeling value ratings against metrics capturing the dining experience. Using SQL, SPSS and Excel, I designed and implemented multiple data visualization platforms where I performed data harmonization using Alteryx and also automated the generation of test cases in MySQL which saved processing time by 30%. I believe the roots of true achievement lies in the depth of our passion and my passion to strive towards excellence helped me receive the “Star Performer of the Year – 2017” title at my organization.My predilection towards diving deep into the field of Analytics was reinvigorated when I garnered deeper insight into the subject matter while conducting workshops and training sessions for my peers on database creation, complex statistical calculations and logics to derive industry benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). After more than two years at Analytics Quotient, I firmly believe that Analytics can bring structure to formless data and allow us to make informed decisions, run better businesses, and offer superior products. It has touched all industries and spheres of life, yet we are still only in the beginning stages of realizing its true capabilities.

I believe Analytics is the backbone of success for any business moving forward, and I intend to be at the forefront of this indispensable industry. To help me accomplish my goals, I seek an admission to the MS in Analytics program at North Carolina State University. The University’s multidisciplinary research environment and its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is what excites me at the prospects of studying at North Carolina State University. The quality knowledge and impeccable guidance will mould me to be in the learning mode all my life, paving the way for a constant growth as a person and a professional. It is a place where individuals from different social and cultural backgrounds come together and share their ideas which will ultimately assist me to provide vital contributions to society and give means to me to expedite the advancement of humanity as a whole.

I hope to emerge from your program armed with a broad repertoire of techniques and perspectives for dealing with globally relevant problems.

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