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Last updated: August 24, 2019

In Haiti on September30 1991 a military coup led by Raoul Cedras overthrew President Jean-BertrandAristide, ending democratic rule in Haiti.

Jean-Bertrand Astride went intoexile following the coup. The coup was condemned by the United Nations and theorganization of American States, thus began diplomatic efforts to returndemocratic rule, and Aristide, back to Haiti. The UN imposed an embargo on allgoods except for food and medicine while also setting up a naval blockade onHaiti.

After attempts for a diplomatic solution failed the US and UN plannedfor strategic military intervention in Haiti that would hopefully make Raoul Cedrassurrender power before the invasion force arrived. This invasion received thename Operation Uphold democracy and had a force of over 25,000 militarypersonnel from all services and various countries but they were mostly made upof Americans. The invasion was also backed by 2 aircraft carries.Operation UpholdDemocracy launched with the negotiations still in progress by former president JimmyCarter in Haiti, without knowing if they would have a peaceful entry or be metwith hostility upon entering Haitian soil. With the impending invasion RaoulCedras could to nothing but surrender power or it would have been taken byforce anyways because of the large invasion force coming. The United Nations missionin Haiti (UNMIH) took over in 1995 to maintain a secure and stable environment establishedby the force. The US and the UNwanted to democratize the country and to develop it economically.

Thedevelopment plan was to turn public enterprises into private ones and allowfree trade in Haiti backed by foreign countries. In total countries pledged $3.5billion to help Haiti.

Because of the economic reforms imposed by the US andthe presence of foreign troops the Haitian population began opposition towardsthem. President Aristide began opposing the privatization plans and conductedcorrupt elections which made Prime Minister Rosny resign, this would leaveHaiti without a functioning government for 20 months. All foreign governments cancelledaid pledges and by 2001 removed all remaining troops in Haiti, leaving it toits fate. In February of 2004 a rebellion toppled Aristide from power but thistime the US publicly welcomed the coup. After everythingthe US and UN did Haiti ended up repelling any foreign help.

This goes to saythat people do not want foreign military in their countries nor to be put underthe control of another nation. The UN, US and any other country alike shouldnot be able to intervene into another countries affair, much less using theirmilitary to forcibly get what they want. Haiti was left devastated and worsethan if the US had decided not to intervene. Whatever happens inside a countryshould stay as a problem for them, the UN should not be allowed to be able totake any actions they deem necessary to change a countries government unlesshelp is requested by a nation and both parties agree to terms that must be keptand in no way, can it allow for one country to have control over another. Thisall happened because the US thought it could gain from taking control of Haiti butinstead costed them too much time and money, even after another coup happened whichremoved the same president again this time the US didn’t care because they can’tgain anything from Haiti.

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