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In order to be involved in the Magellan program, people must submit a Notice of Child Abuse or Family Violence. Once submitted the Family Court will determine if the issue needs to be managed by the Magellan program. (Child Abuse Allegations in Australian Parenting Cases)If accepted, a judge in the program will remain with that case until they have finalized the verdict and is the one in charge for leading and managing the case. By doing this the judge can have a more deeper understanding and connection with the families involved.

(Child Abuse Allegations in Australian Parenting Cases)In the United States a child abuse case goes through a family court to be heard by a judge.The case planning and court hearing processes work together to determine what changes need to be made to return a child home or reach some other goal, such as placement with a relative. (Child Abuse Cases: Deciding to prosecute)After a child welfare agency receives a report of suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment they go through a legal process consisting of 8 steps which is in the link

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pdf Page 3 (Child Abuse Cases: Deciding to prosecute)In the UK when a child is involved in child abuse, many try not to go to court to directly charge because it can be a traumatic experience for the child. Instead they try to work things out privately and not in a courtroom. (Child Abuse Cases: Deciding to prosecute) In the UK the first step is to assess if the child is in sever danger and if so, then other steps are taken almost immediately to ensure the child’s safety.

If the child is in serious harms way then the second step is to hold a case conference that includes people such as social services, child’s school, family members, and the child when necessary. (Referrals and investigations) The conference is to discuss what needs to happen to benefit the child and to share information with everyone. The conference must be ended and everyone has come to a conclusion within 15 working days (Referrals and investigations)Once the conference is completed there will be what is called a child protection plan that sets out what changes are needed to be made, how and when social services will check on the child, and what support the family will receive to better protect the child. (Referrals and investigations)On the issue of child abuse, the United Nations have a ‘stop child abuse now’ mentality.

The UN continues to confront child maltreatment and poses as a voice for children’s rights (L)The organization works closely with industries in order find effective ways to end harmful practices like child labour. The United Nations also teams with various governments around the world in order to create safe and secure environments for children to grow up and live in. The organization is also continuously working to ensure that countries establish, maintain, and enforce child abuse and neglect laws. (L)Another international organization that stands against child abuse is the International Child Abuse Network. The network helps provide information  related to child abuse to organizations, and professionals to help improve the treatment of children and to stop child abuse. (L)They are currently in the process of developing new methods to prevent child abuse, including an international child abuse hotline.

Once it is created, the hotline could be very beneficial to end the struggle of children being abused and mistreated. (L) Canada’s perspective on the issue of child abuse is that they recognize that it is a major issue and are continually working with other countries to help improve laws and children protection. Canada has created the  the National Children’s Agenda (NCA) which is an initiative that focuses on healthy development of children at young ages to ensure that they grow up in a healthy and stable environment (Government of Canada, Department of Justice, Electronic Communications)The Canadian Government introduced a Bill C-15 in March 2001 called the Criminal Law Amendment Act. The act was introduced to protect children from sexual exploitation. This legislation modernizes the existing child pornography Criminal Code that allows them to respond effectively to new technologies (Government of Canada, Department of Justice, Electronic Communications)The Canadian Government also announced the creation of the 5 Centres of Excellence for Children’s Well Being in 2000.

The centers are to educated people on physical and mental health of children, and what factors are essential for children to have a healthy development. (Government of Canada, Department of Justice, Electronic Communications)

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