In code is in most cases more explicit.

In this section, results and evaluation ofthe quiz applications will be discussed. As a whole, the two applications arefully functional. Testing on Flask and Django are done via functional testing.The sites were accessed by more than one machine at a time to check it the twoapplications can handle it.

However, the database of the Django Quiz App wastested using Pycharm’s built-in test function. All errors in these applicationscan be found via functional testing and the errors found have been discussed inthe Chapter 3.            Asfor the evaluation, the use of Python language was a good choice, mainly forits strong emphasis on readability and efficiency. The language itself was notdifficult to learn when compared to Java or C#.

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As stated in the Chapter 2,Python is a very good language to use as it was pretty straightforward tounderstand and I focused on the web development aspect of the project ratherthan wasting time learning the language’s nomenclature            Theuse of Flask for the first application designed was a good decision as thewebsite did not require a complex structure. It is extremely flexible frameworkthat is simple to learn and use. Flask isconsidered more Pythonic than Django because Flask web application code is inmost cases more explicit. Flask is easy to get started with as a beginner inweb development because very little code is required for getting a simple web applicationup and running. This is important as when building simple web applications, itwould not be practical to write complicated code.            Forthe second application, the choice of using Django was the best decision as itis a programming framework that suits big scale projects. The framework hasmany toolkits that has all functions developers would possibly need to buildtheir applications.

For example, the administration functionality Djangoprovides made it easier to build the administrative function of the webapplication. The built-in user authentication system in Django saved a lot oftime as I did not need to write code for user log in.            Thus,the selection of programming language and frameworks were the right decisionsand if subjected to build similar applications again, I would still choose touse them.


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