In colleagues, customers and clients and produced good

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In general, interpersonal skills and social skills were fairly comparable and worth to be mentioning between them.

Interpersonal aptitudes also involved the capability to communicate effectively in complex interpersonal interaction and to understand people effectively. In interpersonal relationship, people tend to influence each other, share their perspective and feelings, and communicate during activities that was conducted together. The impact of interdependence, if one member of the relationship was change it would influence the other member.

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A relationship was viewed as a connection between two individuals (Erozkan et al., 2013). Besides that, interpersonal skills were also meant as the life skills that was being routinely used when we interacted and communicated with each individually or in groups in our daily life. In fact, people who have put effort in developing strong interpersonal skills were shown to be more successful and dedicated in both their professional and personal lives. Nowadays, staff or employee with strong interpersonal social skills were on high demand as people who were able to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients and produced good teamwork (SkillsYouNeed,2017).Strong work relationships and the way individuals, organizational units, and cultures function and reaction were defined as interpersonal or group skills aptitudes. Interpersonal skills can be developed or instil at any time in life as not just in young generation only.

Time spent developing interpersonal relationships between colleagues was a need for good customer service and a welcoming work environment (Pellack, 2008). Furthermore, individual with good social skills would accomplished his or her interpersonal objectives and to win the praise and respect from others. These positive experiences would instil a sense of hope and satisfaction with life. The success at social tasks that apparently leads to good social skills might make individual to generalize from their experiences and turn out to be hopeful, satisfied with life, and so on (Segrin & Taylor, 2007).

In business world, the large number and variety of business organization related to social and interpersonal skills, incorporating with working manners, demonstrate a definite interest by employers. The effective change development of interpersonal skills such as motivation, communication and team building was in need to fully engage employees and to achieve desired goals (Khan & Ahmad, 2012).Actually, we have all been building up our interpersonal skills since youth typically subconsciously. It turns out to be so natural that we may take it for granted, never thought about process of interaction with other people.

One can build up and polished these skills with a lot of time and effort. Good interpersonal skills can enhance considerable measure aspect in life, both professionally and socially, as they may lead to better understanding and healthy relationships (SkillsYouNeed, 2017).This study includes 4 domains of interpersonal social skills which are Listening Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Verbal Communication and Effective Speaking and also Communicating in Groups.

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