In did affect learners’ reading comprehension test performance. Thus,

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     In general, the results of Paired Samples t-tests indicated statistically significant difference between the experimental low achievers’ pre and post-tests of reading comprehension. It indicated that the above mentioned strategies are effective in improving the low achievers’ reading comprehension among pre-university students at the pre-intermediate level of English. Thus, the present study showed that in comparison to the performance of low and high experimental groups were different. There was a significant difference between experimental groups (high and low) in using summarizing, elaboration, and re-reading strategies (p<.

05). Moreover, the mean difference of low group was higher than high group based on the post-test scores. In other words, the performance of low group in using cognitive strategies (summarizing, elaboration, and re-reading) showed better results than that of high group.      Findings of the present study may be supported by Ok (2008) who noted that the theoretical relevance of language learning strategies in enhancing students reading ability is based on the assumption that students who employ language learning strategies can take a more reflective and self-directed approach to text reading.

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Furthermore, using strategies can assist learners in reducing anxiety which debilitates comprehension in reading text. This is consistent with the findings of Hong (2007) who claims that successful learners are good strategy users and they are defined as knowing a lot of strategies and transferring them readily and appropriately to new setting. The students with higher records of academic achievement have been found to use more language learning strategies and monitor their learning process more flexibly than less successful learners. Appropriate language learning strategies result in improved proficiency and greater self-confidence; consequently, these reading strategies result in enhancing reading comprehension.

     The results of t-test analyses yielded significant interaction between independent variables the male students and the strategy use as they affect dependent variable, i.e. multiple-choice reading comprehension test performance. In the t-test, the interaction effect was more tangible than the second t-test procedure where indicated that cognitive reading strategies (summarizing, elaboration, and re-reading) did affect learners’ reading comprehension test performance. Thus, the results of t-test accounted for the significant interaction effect of the low achievers and strategy use on the performance of sample EFL students in reading comprehension test administration (p<.


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