In Ele’ele and took her soul. When Fetu

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In the prehistoric age, there was only water until, she had risen Ele’ele.

Her soul had the most significant power ever known to operate, it could create anything, nature, humans, and a bunch of other stuff you name it and she could make it. A man named Fetu went to Ele’ele and took her soul. When Fetu took the soul Ele’ele began to collapse giving terrible birth to a darkness. Fetu ran to the cliff of the Island, swung his shark bahng mahng Ee, and turned invisible. Once he saw his boat he turned visible and teleported on his boat and set sail.

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Fetu tried to escape, but was confronted by another who would kill for the soul, La a demon of fire. Fetu jumped and swung his bahng mahng Ee at La. La swung her big arm at Fetu and a flash went into the sky. Fetu was struck from the sky. His magical shark bahng mahng Ee and the soul of Ele’ele were lost in the sea. Hiding in the darkness that will continue to distribute, chasing away the animals, slaughtering life until, every one of us is demolished. In 3011 B.C.

E, a fourteen-year-old boy named Fetuao was learning about his island. He was learning about how his island came to be and what created the life on his island. He saw a homemade quilt that had the Ele’ele on it. As he approached the quilt, the quilt blew out his way and Fetuao saw the sea. Fetuao sneaked through the back and headed towards the sea. As he approached the sea he slowly began to stop, he noticed something odd about the sea.

The sea started to magically sparkle, and made a water tunnel he could walk through. Fetuao walked through and saw this shiny sapphire stone with a flower carving floating in the sea and he grabbed it, when he took it out of the water he noticed it looked like the one he was learning about. At that moment Fetuao knew he was the chosen one.

“FETUAO!” his father yelled, when the sea heard, it went back to normal and sent him back to the shore. Fetuao’s dad grabbed his arm so hard his arm was numb. “How many times have I told to not go by the sea it’s dangerous, “Fetuao’s dad cautioned.

“Dad I want to go back, please” Fetuao pleaded.”No, I said, you will be the island’s new commander.””And he’ll do amazing things,” Fetuao’s mom encouraged The next day Fetuao’s dad took him to a sacred place. Fetuao’s dad wanted to bring him there since he was born. The place had a meditation circle and some people over there could manipulate water. Later that day was the ceremony for the new commander. Fetuao had highly traditional clothing. The ceremony was packed with villagers chanting Fetuao’s name.

Fetuao knew he was ready to walk down the aisle, as Fetuao walked down the aisle villagers sung their ancient song to celebrate the awakening of a new commander. Towards the end of the aisle, were a group of dancers, they would do their traditional dance for the ceremony. As a commander it was his responsibility to make sure the village was safe and make decisions will be suit the village. The coconut collected sought Fetuao.

“It’s the harvest, this afternoon I was husking the coconuts and they are putrid,” she sighed. “Well, we will clear all the diseased trees and start a new one on the west side,” Fetuao advised. “Thanks, Fetuao,” she assured Fetuao and his parents. Within a couple hours a fisher approached Fetuao. “Commander, there is something you need to see, our traps in the east side of the sea aren’t getting any fish,” the fisher sighed.

“Then we’ll rotate the fishing rods,” Fetuao acknowledged. “We already did that and there was still no fish,” the fisher responded. “Oh, then we’ll fish the west side.” “We tried.

” “The south too?” “Yes, and the North side, the shallow area, and the channels, the whole sea they’re just gone.” Fetuao looked at the fishers suffer in despair. Fetuao got on the boat and look at the sea. “What if we fish beyond the sea,” he encouraged “No one fishes beyond the sea,” his father challenged. “I know, but if there are no fish in the sea, and there’s a whole ocean.” “We have one rule.” “An old rule when marine life had a big population.

” “No, it’s a rule that keeps us safe.” Fetuao’s dad picked him up so high and took him out of the boat. All the village fishers were in awe. Every Time, Fetuao’s dad thinks Fetu forgot about the sea. Fetuao ran to his secret spot. Fetuao’s secret spot was this long bended tree he could sit on. The is spot was on the other side of the village. Fetuao started to throw sticks with immense anger into the sand until, Fetuao’s mom approached him.

She found out the reason her dad didn’t want anybody going beyond the sea is because he experienced an unforgettable experience there. He was drawn to the sea as a kid just like Fetuao. He and his friend took a canoe, went beyond the sea. He saw waves the size of mountains, his friend fell into the water, and saw his friend drown. He tried with all his might to save his friend, but couldn’t. He thinks he can save Fetuao by not letting him go beyond the sea. When her mom left and sought a good opportunity to proof his parents wrong. He saw a canoe at shore, pushed it out of the water, and paddled out beyond the sea.

Once he crossed the sea he thought it was not that bad until, the winds blew her canoe over and fell into the water. He swam back up and an enormous wave splash down on him. Fetuao was sunk back into the water and his foot got stuck between large coral.

He tried pulling it out, but he couldn’t, so he grabbed a rock and smashed the coral. When she swam back up, a wave the size of Mt. Everest pushed him back to shore. When Fetuao got back up he had an enormous bruise on his foot. His grandma approached him, and he hid his bruised foot by crossing his legs. His grandma grabbed her cane and used the handle of cane to pull his foot back. She promised him that his dad wasn’t going to find out.

Fetuao knew it was time for him to put his stone on the mountain. His grandma didn’t seem to care, walked into the ocean. His grandma started to dance with the stingrays in the ocean. Before Fetuao made a final decision his grandma, told him a secret story that the whole village had forbidden. He found out they were voyagers. Minutes later his grandma died, but before she deceased told Fetuao “When you find Fetu, tell him to restore the soul of Ele’ele.”He cried as he ran to the sea. He pulled out the soul of Ele’ele and it created a humongous boat with essentials needed for the journey.

He was going to find Fetu and restore the soul. He snuck out at night and left. As he passed the sea, he was feeling really good about and noticed her chicken, Tane had come along with him. A couple hours through his journey a big storm flipped his boat over. The storm nearly drowned him and his chicken. Fetuao passed out and the overnight the ocean pushed him to a different island. Fetuao woke up and was very angry with the ocean. “Seriously my wrecked my boat” he yelled as he stomped towards the ocean.

He tried kicking the water, but water moved back, and he fell. When he looked up he noticed tick marks shaped as a shark bahng mahng Ee on a humongous rock.”Fetu,” questioned Fetuao,”is this real?”The water nodded and Fetuao was in shock. Fetuao was feeling really good about his mission. Within seconds, a big silhouette appeared. The silhouette was a very buff and bulky man, his voice was really deep and had hair similar to Fetuao. It was Fetu, Fetuao started practice what his grandmother told him to say. Fetuao his behind a rock and right then Fetu lift the canoe.

“Finally, the gods have sent me a boat!” shouted Fetu.Seconds later, Fetu saw Fetuao behind the rock and shouted. He looked at him Fetuao for a good two minutes, when their eye contact was interrupted by Tane. Tane’s rainbow feathers were sticking out of the sand. Fetuao ran and yanked him out of the sand, then he looked back at Fetu. ” I am Fetuao from the Island of Versace and you will the soul of Ele’ele.”Right then, Fetu grabbed him and threw Fetuao into a cave and blocked the entrance with a boulder.

The cave was very earthy. Fetuao thought it smelled like sweat and nearly puked because of the stinch. In the cave was a wood ladder, a rock bed, and a statue shaped as Fetu. At the top was a beam of light that poked through the cave. Fetuao was going to escape. He climbed the ladder jumped onto the statue, and maneuvered his way through the hole. When he got out he saw that Fetu started to sail away on his boat.

Fetuao was astonished, he ran to the end of the cave and jumped. He thought he would be able to land on the boat, but missed by a lot. Fetu pulled the sail and he went faster. Fetuao tried swim towards the boat, but knew he couldn’t make it. Instantly the ocean dove Fetuao down the water until he reached the boat and then lifted him on the boat. “What the heck just happened?” questioned Fetu.

“It was the ocean,” replied Fetuao, “the ocean chose me, you must restore the soul of Ele’ele.As Fetuao lifted the soul, Fetu grabbed it and threw it five-thousand miles away. Again, the grabbed the soul and put it back on the boat. When Fetu saw it come back he got really scared.”Are you scared of the soul?” laughed Fetuao.”No, I’m not afraid of it.

” argued Fetu.On Fetu he has tattoos that symbolize his history and accomplishments in life. He has this tattoo that illustrates his feelings toward things. His tattoo illustrated that Fetu is really scared, but doesn’t want to show it.”You need to put that thing away that is a curse,” murmured Fetu, “when I took it bad things happened to me and I lost my shark bahng mahng Ee, if you don’t put it away bad things will lurk for it.

“”This little thing, who would want it,” questioned Fetuao, “they can come and get it.””You’re going to get us killed.” cried Fetu.”No, I’m going to get us to Ele’ele so you can restore the soul.Out of nowhere, an arrow shot at Tane.

The arrow was from the tribe Tamati. The Tamati were killer monkeys. When Fetu saw them, he knew what they wanted from them.

Fetuao thought that the ocean would do everything for them, but the ocean was normal. Fetuao knew he would have to fight with Fetu, NO POWERS! The Tamati boat was man made and highly durable. The Tamati shot ropes at Fetuao’s boat and slided on them so they could take the soul. The soul fell out of Fetuao’s hand and Tane swallowed it. The Tamati snatched Tane and the soul was in their possession. Fetuao started to panic, but Fetu didn’t seem to care, he just wanted to leave and be safe. Fetu wasn’t having it, he grabbed the paddle from the boat and jumped on the Tamati’s boat. The Tamati were starting to attack him, but Fetuao started to swing like Babe Ruth.

Once, he took out the lower half of the Tamati he climbed up the ladder and grabbed Tane backed. Fetuao jumped from the Tamati’s boat onto his and Fetu drifted into a gap where they could escape. They could slightly go through the gap. When they escaped Tane coughed back up the soul of Ele’ele.Fetuao started to celebrate with such enthusiasm. Fetu was surprised with Fetuao’s ability to take on the Tamati. “I’m still not taking that thing back,” reassured Fetu, ” want to get to Ele’ele, who have to go through a whole lot of that. Not to mention La, pele monster, ever defeat a pele monster.

“”No, have you?” remarked Fetuao”Touché,” answered Fetu, “but you can’t take it back without me, and I say no. Get my bahng mahng Ee end of the conversation.””You’ll be a hero.” sung Fetuao.”What do you mean, everyone loves me, I’m Fetu duh.” Marveled Fetu.Fetu didn’t know that a lot of people disowned him. They believed that he cursed the islands and why the darkness is coming upon their islands.

To the people Fetu was nothing. They considered him cruel, villainous, and irrelevant.”Put the soul back everyone with thank you, you will be a hero to all,” cheered Fetuao, “unless you don’t want to be Fetu.””Ok, but I need my shark bahng mahng Ee first,” exclaimed Fetu, “I’ll need it if we’re going to get past La!”They made a deal and headed towards the Realm of Agaga Leaga, but Fetuao didn’t know where they were going.

He knew the only person who had it was Palibythus. Palibythus could never be trusted. He was shiny and large. Some say that when his cave is completely dark he changes into ultra violet colors, as well as everything else in his cave. The next day, they had reached Agaga Leaga.”Wait where are we again?” questioned Fetuao”Agaga Leaga!” exclaimed Fetu.”Realm of the evil god’s!” shouted Fetuao in fear.Fetu docked the boat and started to climb the rocks towards the entrance to Agaga Leaga.

Half going up he notices that Fetuao left the boat. He looked next to him and Fetuao was climbing as if were a monkey climbing tree. They finally reached the top and Fetu did a special dance to open the entrance. The dance reminded him of the dancers at his island. The entrance opened, and a blue beam had risen.

Fetu jumped in the beam and disappeared. Fetuao was starting to get an unsure vibe about the beam that made Fetu disappear. Fetuao anxiously jumped. Fetu had a perfect landing, being that he’s been there a couple of times. Fetuao landed on Fetu and then stubbled of a cliff.

A monster plant had saw Fetuao when he fell, the plant stuck out his tongue and tried to swallow him. Fetuao could when, a massive venus fly trap ate the monster. Fetuao started to run. He had tripped over a big shell, he looked up and saw Palibythus. On Palibythus’ shell, it was piled with gold and diamonds.

In the center was Fetu’s magical shark bahng mahng Ee. Fetu thought it would be a good idea to scare Fetuao, but didn’t turn out as planned. When Fetuao was scared he punched Fetu. Fetu didn’t want anything going wrong and insisted that Fetuao stay away from Palibythus’ cave, but they got the idea to use Fetuao as bait.Fetuao entered the cave, dressed in diamond when Palibythus saw him he picked him.

“OOO so shiny.” smirked Palibythus.Palibythus got a closer look and realized Fetuao was disguised. Palibythus’ face was starting to turn red. Fetuao started to get really scared and was panicking.”What are you doing in the Realm, you disgusting mortal.” grunted Palibythus.”I’m here because we mortals greatly appreciate you.

” responded FetuaoFetu add slipped and Palibythus growled when he saw him. Fetu grabbed his bahng mahng Ee and tried to turn into teleport instead, he turned invisible. Fetu had forgotten how to swing his bahng mahng Ee. Palibythus spun his tail around and Fetu to went flying onto the ground then, put Fetuao in a bone cage. The cave started to become a lot more darker and then, everything was fill with ultra violet colors. Palibythus continued to beat up Fetu, but didn’t realized that Fetuao could slip right through.

Fetuao then had an idea that would benefit them both. Fetuao grabbed a piece of rock and covered it in blue bioluminescent algae. “Look what I have.” yelled Fetuao”Oh, my word, the soul of Ele’ele!” exclaimed Palibythus.Fetuao threw the rock over the cliff, grabbed Fetu from the ground.

While Palibythus tried looking for the “soul” Fetuao snuck on his shell and got the bahng mahng Ee back. He gave Fetu his bahng mahng Ee and they ran to a water spout, and they were blasted out of the realm onto their boat. When they landed on the boat Fetu greatly thanked Fetuao.”Off to Ele’ele now.” cheered Fetuao.”Ok, but it will be very tough, I couldn’t save myself against Palibythus.” sighed Fetu.

“Well off we go.” responded Fetuao.They left right away, but Fetu knew they weren’t going to beat La. The next day everything Fetu said was negative.

Fetuao helped Fetu cheer up by helping him swing his bahng mahng Ee the proper. Once Fetu could swing his bahng mahng Ee the right way he became really positive. It started to get foggy. “Why are you looking at me like that?” questioned Fetuao.”I can’t believe,” exclaimed Fetu, “you brought me to Ele’ele!””It’s time, I need the soul.

” said FetuFetuao gave Fetu the soul, Fetu then swung his bahng mahng Ee and her turned invisible. His adrenaline was going when La had awakened from her slumber. La threw a pele ball at Fetu, but he easily dodges it. When Fetu swooped up at La, she swung her arm at him and he was dunked into the water.

Fetu tried to teleport to get by her, but La’s pele ball turned into rock hard obsidian, that did a lot more damage than the pele balls. Fetu teleported back on the boat and insisted on turning around. Fetuao wasn’t having it and tried to slip through a tight gap, like what Fetu did against the Tamati. As they were going La swung her arm at the boat, but Fetu also swung his bahng mahng Ee. Within seconds, Fetu and Fetuao, along with their boate was blasted back one-thousand miles away. “Are you ok Fetu?” questioned Fetuao.”Does it look like it?” responded FetuFetu’s shark bahng mahng Ee was cracked. Fetuao felt guilty for what happened to him.

The reason Fetu’s bahng mahng Ee broke was because of Fetuao. Fetuao believed it could become an easy fix, but it’s actually a highly complex fix. He found out only a god could fix Fetu’s magical shark bahng mahng Ee.”Let’s go back we will be more careful.” begged Fetuao”No one more hit and my bahng mahng Ee is done for.” informed Fetu”I’m supposed to take you to restore the soul,” emphasized Fetuao, “the ocean chose me.” “Well it chose wrong.” accused FetuAfter that conversation ended.

Fetu swung his bahng mahng ee and teleported back his remote island.. Fetuao felt discouraged and depressed, he fell to his knees and cried. He pulled out the soul and dropped it into the. He did this to show that he wasn’t the right one to complete this quest. As he kept crying a luminescent light appeared in the water. It was the spirit of his grandmother.

“GRANDMAAAAA!” exclaimed Fetuao”Hi, my grandson I have very little time,” interrupted Grandma, “I put too much pressure on you and if you want to stop I’m with you all the way one-hundred percent.”Fetuao was very hesitant about leaving, but something told him to just push through it and save the world without Fetu. Fetuao dove into the water as fast as he can to retrieve the soul of Ele’e’e. Fetuao pulled the string to the sail and he was gliding through the water.

The next morning Fetuao already knew what his game plan was going to be. Fetuao arrived at Ele’ele. La had risen at threw a pele ball at Fetauo. Fetuao jumped to the top of his boat so he could spin right. He saw a gap that looked good enough through. La threw a triple pele ball in the water and it cause a lot of smoke. Fetuao jumped to the top of his boat to spin the other way, he tricked La into thinking he was going to go through that smoky gap.

Fetuao saw another opening into Ele’ele and he could get through. Fetuao got off his boat and climbed the rock to Ele’ele. The spiral was sitting right next to him. He placed the soul and La started to disintegrate , as she was crumbling she started to turn evergreen.

It was Ele’ele, she graciously thanked Fetuao. Ele’ele made Fetuao a huge boat so they could get back to their Island. Fetuao got on the boat and left, while waving at Ele’ele. The next morning, he arrived at his island. They village was so happy to see Fetuao especially his parents. Fetuao enforced that voyaging should start again. Everyone agreed, and they went back too voyaging for new islands.

And they all live happily ever after.

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