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Last updated: September 15, 2019

In our effort to decreasecustomer-return inventory and increase sales, the company is immediately addingsocial media to every employee’s daily duties.

In order to meet companystandards, each employee will need to create a LinkedIn profile by April 28th.According to, companies that have a greater proportion of employeeson LinkedIn have more followers on their company pages. This will not only helpthe company, but it will also benefit employees themselves.LinkedIn is a platform that allows employees all over the world to connect with each other.

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Like socialmedia it allows you to share ideas and opinions, but also provides space inyour profile to include career experience and professional goals to yourfollowers. Certain features also include messenger where you can talk withfellow and past colleagues, prospective employees, and professionals throughoutyour industry. In such innovative and fast moving times, LinkedIn providesfresh prospective which you can incorporate into your day to day, short term,or long term work. It is also a good way to expose our mission, ideals, currentevents, and job opportunities. In times where connectionslead to professional growth, social media caries great weight in exposing yourpersonal brand to fellow friends, coworkers, and future contacts   –      A complete, up-to-date profile with routineupdates will help to further relationships with potential clients and futurebusiness partners.  –      Employees who are entirely committed onLinkedIn will be fully aware of thought-leadership issues within our sector, enablingour company to stay ahead of the competition and current trends. –      9out of the top 10 brands with the most followers on LinkedIn have at least 60%of their employees on LinkedIn.

(, 2014)    The company will providetraining to anyone that wants assistance in taking this step. It will covercomposing a personal mission statement, work history language, and how tonavigate the website. LinkedIn, like many social media sites, has a variety offutures that we will cover; including the aforementioned messenger, groups, andoverall profile aesthetic. Incentives will be given to employees thatsuccessful complete their LinkedIn page by April 28th. Also,employees who reach the ‘All Star’ profile strength level. The incentives willinclude anything from a paid day off, to a bonus.

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