In employees’ efforts and commitment. But many organizations

In banking industry, it is very important for organizationsto stay focused on employee performance and seek ways to enhance it. Whileemployees are assets in any organization, the importance of an employee inbanking industry is more significant because the industry is by nature manpowerintensive. Most of the employee activity and behavior in the banking industryinvolves direct contact with customers, be it account opening, moneywithdrawal, money depositing, loan seekers. Performance is a majormulti-dimensional construct aimed at achieving results. It has strong links toan organization’s strategic goals. Employee performance encompasses theactivities related to a job and how well these activities are executed byemployees. Every employee behavior or activity does not result in performance.

If the activities or behavior have nothing to do with the organization’s objectivesuch as increasing the customer base of the organization and making profit, itis unlikely to contribute to the organization’s performance. Since the boom of banking industry in Nepal, a large pool ofcandidates apply for a job in the banking sector every year, so that s/he cansecure a career in the strong industry. Despite of job being so attractive, ithas come to notice that the employees in the particular industry are notmotivated enough to carry out good work, or meet organization objectives andhence no improvement of organization. Organizations are social systems where humanresources are the most important factors for effectiveness and efficiency. Theycannot succeed without their employees’ efforts and commitment. But manyorganizations put first the profit and forget the employees who are the maincontributors to the company’s profits.

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The management of these companies tendsto treat employees like machines. They do not know that employees need to becommunicated to in a particular manner, develop trust and mutual relationshipand even provide them with personal protective equipment at work place. Anorganization can get better and higher performance level if the employees aremotivated. Reward is one factor through which an employee can be motivated. Aperson always needs something to look upon to do something. Like in Maslow’sneed for hierarchy a person always gets motivated to achieve the need which isabove where they lie.

A person works to the fullest when there is something toachieve or get what s/he desires. In an organization reward is that drivingforce that gets the employees motivated. So, this current research is basicallyconducted to examine the relationship between reward and motivation leading toemployee’s performance, how does the reward motivate employees of anorganization, what is the best predictor variable of motivation. Reward isdistributed into two category: Intrinsic Reward and Extrinsic Reward.

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