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Last updated: July 12, 2019

In this modern 21stcentury, an architect plays a significant role all around the world. Anarchitect is a person that plans, designs and reviews the construction of thebuildings.

In the society, an architect has high status level as it is aprofessional which requires high education level and extensive training. Inorder to become a professional architect, an individual need to undergoextensive training by attending classes in order to get a degree certificate,training involve significant intellectual component, has trained ability toserve the society, credentialing, autonomy to make a decision and register withan organization that claims to represent them. After finishing their formaleducation in university, an architect must register with Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) to join professional architect.PAM is the national professional institute representing architects in Malaysia.The organization was founded in 1920. The objectives of this organization is topromote a platform for architect to exchange or share their ideas aboutarchitecture. Moreover, with this organization, architects are able to strongertheir bonds with other architecture as this organization able to promotesfriendly interaction between architect.

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Professional ethics is the obligationsthat need to held by them in their particular roles as professional. As aprofessional, we must be responsible for the decision that we have made andcannot make other people as victim.  Themain criteria of an architect is to serve the society and the needs of thesociety will always come first.

An architect must try their best to fulfiltheir clients’ needs by helping them to produce design of idea that theirclients want to bring to reality. A professional architect also must be able tothink critically and logically while they are planning and designing theconstruction of the building for their clients. If a professional architect donot play their roles perfectly, the building might collapse and cause death.

For example, the 20 Fenchurch Street, which also known as “Walkie-TalkieSkyscraper”, has a concave design and mirrored glass on the building. Due toits concave shape and the mirrored glass on the building, the sunlight wasfocussed and the ray of light was reflected onto the street. This caused thetemperature at the street rose and it even melted the cars by reflecting thesunlight. This accident happened because the architect did not think criticallyand logically while he was designing the building. Therefore, as aprofessional, we must play our particular roles perfectly in order to serve thesociety.  However nowadays, some of thearchitects involve in unethical behaviour such as corruptions, conflict ofinterest, the limitation of architect’s autonomy and authority and obligationto the environment. The reasons that cause a professional architect involve inunethical behaviour are individual’s factor, organization’s structuralvariable, organization’s culture and intensity of ethical issue.

When aprofessional involve in ethical behaviour, it will causes a big impact towardsthe society. In this assignment, architect has been chosen as our topic as itplays a significant role in the society. A professional architect helps todesign building in order to meet the demands of the growing population in thecountry. Besides that, a professional architect is also able to designwell-known buildings such as Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The tallestlandmark building in Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers was designed by CesarPelli, an architect from Argentina. It was the tallest building in the worldfrom 1998 to 2004 and it successfully became global icon for Malaysia.

The objectives of this assignmentis to study the major ethical issues involve by professional architects and thesolutions to solve these problems. On the other hand, teamwork is also able tofoster through this assignment. 

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