In facts had proved, later she chosen Brown

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In April 15th of 1990, a really cute baby was born in the world in Paris of France. She is Emma Watson.

Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson are her parents. She has four siblings- two sisters and two brothers. They are Nina Watson, Lucy Watson, Alex Watson, and Toby Watson. When Emma was a little girl, her parents separated. She stayed with her mother. When Emma was six, she had a dream: she wanted to be an actress, and she wanted to study at the Oxford branch. So she worked hard also learned singing, dancing, and acting hard. She was an aspirational, ideal, and filial girl.

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When she was nine-year-old, she played movie first time. Before it, she never had professional teaching of acting.  Harry Potter is the name of the movie. In 2000, ten years old Emma performed at school.

When she finished study of Dragon School, Emma Watson moved to Headington School for study. She also had tutored with her peered students on acting for five hours every day. 2006 summer, she had examinations of 10 subjects with GCSE School.

After the examinations, Watson got great grade for eight A* and two A. After she leaving school, she went to film the movie Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows in February of 2009. But she said: she intend to study for the University, facts had proved, later she chosen Brown University of Providence of Rhode Island. When she worked in this university for eighty months, she said she will go to Oxford University on December of 2011. When she finished her university life, she worked in England.

In 2014 summer (June), Emma Watson was appointed to become a UN Women Goodwill ambassador. And helped to open  helped to open the UN Women campaign-HE FOR SHE, calls for men to advocate gender equality is the important for it.     Emma Watson is really a good person!  And now she has a new job too. She is not a actress, she also is a model. As an famous established movie star, she also like fashionista. Her style made many of important person in the fashion industry’s notes. she likes fashion. ” I think it is important because it is the way you show yourself to the world.

” – She said.          Emma Watson tried hard to realize her dream, that made me admire. I should  learn the same with her, tried hard to realize my dream, and firm on something.

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