In flight tickets, increasing losses of flight companies

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Last updated: February 19, 2019

In today’s era traveling industry is growing at a rapid pace.

This growth is resulting in the development of different kinds of Travel Web and mobile Portals.A good Travel Portal Software provides real-time info of visitors, wherein visitors can be converted into customers. Travel portal software is developed with the principal to provide multiple features of online booking to end-users. The salient features of travel portal software are hotel booking, flight booking, cruise booking, car booking and much more. Earlier air & flight booking was considered to be the most crucial feature of a travel portal software. As flights are getting stingier, everyone is expecting online booking of hotels to be the future of travel portals.

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Nowadays Airline industry is in the state of uncertainty. We often hear news about the rapidly changing prices of flight tickets, increasing losses of flight companies is leading to declining in the number of flight passengers. Travel portal pundits and experts are anticipating that future of travel industry is hotel industry.

Low-cost airlines are selling tickets on their website to survive the competition. Many flight companies are selling the majority of tickets on their own website portal; earlier these numbers were only one-fourth of the total tickets sold. Hence, one can say future of Travel Portal Development is not secured with airline booking.Irrespective of this online hotel booking is emerging as a substitute as there is a gradual rise in the numbers of travelers every year and people are reaching out to a new destination, thereby demand for hotels is increasing. The business model of Travel Portal Solution is shifting its focus on hotel room booking and reservation. As people are getting more tech savvy, they prefer to book the hotel online, thereby travel portals are gaining revenue and earning a good margin of profits from hotel booking. Hence travel portals can be associated with every hotel across the world and manage room booking for them.

Hotel Booking are predicting more opportunities for growth and revenue.As hotels are trying to make a better experience for the guests by embracing the technology, the future of travel portals is secured with hotel booking.

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