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Last updated: September 21, 2019

Inthe age of AI data is power, and protecting it is challenging. Cyber securityor IT security is the process of protecting the computers, programs, networksor data from the unauthorized attacks that aims for exploitation.

Stats saysthat almost 94.2% crimes happen and rarely few are found. There are top 3professionals who happen to get affected in the list they are Doctors who topthe list followed by the Lawyers and the Charter accountants. There are severalother terms that students should get aware of like Malware, Spyware, Adware,Ransomware and worm which penetrates into the computer and damages the data andinformation. SEEDSTHAT COLLECTED 1.2 CRORES SCAMCHENNAI:Nigerian scammers have changed the tactics and targeting Indians online insteadof relying on lotteries and exciting cash prices came up with the idea offooling people to invest in the herbal seed business that has all medicalbenefits. They then pose as MNC executives and entice their targets to investin a global market that does not exist.

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Doctors mail ids were hacked and thepromotion for the seeds were sent and they claimed the price of one kg bag is50,000 and 45 to 50 websites have been formulated for selling those seedsonline but the actual price of the seed is found to be 64/kg. Surprisingly theypulled over 1.2 crores from varied doctors. Most Interesting fact is that alldealings are done at high-secured areas such as airport and five star hotels togive an impression of being high-flyers and avoid the risk of getting intotrouble.NOTALL LAWYERS ARE LIERS:CHENNAI2017: Persian hackers also have the equal hand in counterfeit transactions,this case pin points an anonymous lawyer whose mail id has been hacked forabout 3 months and a mail stating that he is going to London, his wife isdiagnosed with cancer and he suffers a money shortage, this made his friends toimmediately transact a lump sum amount to the mentioned account in that mail.This raised a sum of rupees 7.

36 lakhs.WANNACRY:Anencryption based ransomware, it encrypts the files using encryption ciphersi.e. hackers can decrypt the system files using a unique decryption key. May2013, 11.00 pm WannaCry warning pops up in the anonymous office, the majorfault is that they do not have the antivirus in the system and the systemfailed to give the protection and thus the data is encrypted which has anencryption mechanism that cannot be decrypted for more than 200 years.

TheSpanish computer emergency response organisation revealed that it has seen amassive attack of ransomware from WannaCry. The vulnerability is found to behigher in Microsoft machines and can affect windows vista,7,8,10, xp. Microsoftinitially announced the vulnerability and recommended user to patch theirdevice.

DOIT RIGHT:Purchase the antivirusfor the computer preferably Norton, McAfee as it has combine firewall,antispyware and other features such as antispam and parental control as theyoffer all security software needed for online protection in a single package.Always carefully read thepermissions before downloading an app because it the most prominent way that amalicious ware can gain access to your personal information which can includeyour location, contacts and even your phone’s camera.Do not use the samepassword for multiple services hence it may lead your digital life morevulnerable for attack.Always enable two factorauthentication for logging into your account that leads a path for securedconnection.Keep up your software upto date hence it includes security bug fixes and lessens the bugs that isprevailing.

Check the app publisherbecause there are numerous instances where scammers would have published theapps in google play store and this paves way to serious data loss and malwarepenetration.Make sure a website issecure and look for little padlock symbol in front of the web address in theURL bar. And also the web address starts with https://, if you do not find itdo not give your personal details in that website that you wouldn’t want tomake them public.Do not send criticalinformation via email like bank account numbers, credit card numbers hence itis more vulnerable to attack.Do not log into theaccounts on public computers but if you find a case so then delete all thebrowsing history and vacate.Always have a habitof keeping the important files in cloud or on hard drive hence if one getshacked or damaged then you always have a backup cop

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