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Inan hospital where the patients are poorly taken care of by the nurses and otherclinical staffs, and where the staffs are shortly paid or not paid at all, Itwould be seen that this is as a result of bad or poor planning on the part ofthe management and more importantly bad or no strategic planning by themanagement. Planning is an important and foremost function of an organization.It involves making decisions on what to do and what not to do, how to do it andhow to go about it (Drucker, 2005). It is a concept that is to be taken veryserious in any organization.

An organization which doesn’t plan is like a busdriving towards and then over a cliff, because failure to plan is planning tofail. Strategic Planning is a rigid extension of the normal planning.  Strategic Planning is the systematic processan organization follows in doing things, following a pattern, settingperformance targets and achieving the desired objectives and goals of theorganization. In today’s world, only 7% of organization employees fullyunderstand their organization strategies and goals and how to help them achieveand go about it. (Kaplan 2000).

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Strategic planning helps an organization toprepare against unforeseeable negative events that may happen in the future. Italso ensures that the organization does well enough to avoid a corporatefailure or possible liquidation of the organization. Mid Strafford Hospital has been dissolvedprincipally due to the way they treated or cared for patients in the way they did(a very poor way). This dissolution could have been averted by the hospitalsmanagement had it been they planned well enough, strategically well.

They wereactually guilty of going for an investment project at the cost of theiremployees and the innocent patients who came to their hospital. In order forthis Mid Staff Scandal not to repeat itself in any other organization., Thebest thing would be to employ strategic planning tools which will guide thedirection and vision of the organization in its operations (Drucker, 2005) toensure that the goals are met and distraction or disturbance is reduced orfully eliminated.Thereare different strategic planning tools that could have been applied to preventthe failings identified in the inquiry report.

They include the following: SWOTanalysis, Performance Metrics, etc. SWOT analysis, an acronym for strengths,weakness, opportunities and threats is very instrumental in an organization’sexternal and internal environment. The opportunities and threats make up thecomponents of an organizational external environment and the strengths andweaknesses make up the internal environment of the organization. In anyactivity or any project an organization gets involved in, they are to look forways and methods by which they can utilize the opportunities the externalenvironment provides into gaining strength for the internal environment withoutcausing a weakness or producing threats for the organization. For instance thehospital had an opportunity between 2006 and 2008 of gaining NHS foundationtrust status, they employed the major percentage of their resources in ensuringthey got the position, meanwhile the internal environment got weak by this, inthat resources and finances which were supposed to be for the growth anddevelopment of the hospital were channeled towards the investment of gettingthe status. It was later seen that the hospital staffs; the doctors, nurses andother clinicians were actually underpaid and were not well taken care of, evenbefore the hospital commenced the project of getting the foundation truststatus. It is common sense enough to look at the cost and then the benefits fromthe costs before the commencement of any project.

To also look at the benefitsthe internal environment would get; how it get stronger and less weaker by theimpact of the investment. These are part of the elements, the hospitalmanagement didn’t put into consideration that got them into the scandal, theyfound themselves in and because of this the hospital suffered a lot ofweaknesses and threats to its image; they got themselves in lots of lawsuits,lots of public inquiry into all that happened at the hospital and then, afterall these, the hospital was later dissolved.Performancemetrics is also one of the strategic planning tools that could have been used toprevent the failings at the hospital. Using this tool would set standards forthe organization and its employees to follow. These standards would ensure thatthe organization and its employees flow in line with its objectives and goals.In the Mid staff scandal, it was seen that there was a very poor care of thepatients by the nurses and other medical staffs, In this instance, it would bediscovered that there was no performance standard set by the organization foritself and for its employees.

The setting of performance standards or metricswould have helped the hospital to keep itself and its employees in control andthis could have be done by setting performance targets. A Performance Targetsis a non-Financial performance measure that helps to motivate the employees intheir activities. The employees’ sets target for themselves that are in linewith the Organization’s goals because of the orientation, training andincentive they have received from the Organization. This shows that theorganizations themselves have a role in ensuring employees set performancetargets for themselves. BalancedScorecard is another strategic planning tool that can be used. It was firstdeveloped by Robert Kaplan and David Norton.

It serves a strategic purpose ofmeasuring performances. It is a tool that is used to control and monitor theactivities of the employees. The balanced scorecard has a concise mixture of financialand non-financial performance measures.

It ensures that the corporate strategyput in place by the organization’s board are in line or relevant to theorganization’s objectives and goals. The balanced scorecard would help toprevent the failings of the hospital in that it will ensure that the hospitalhas a set strategy in place for well-defined objectives and goals, in order forthe operations of the organization to follow the normal due process withoutdistractions or turbulences.AnotherImportant Strategic Planning tool is Visioning. A Vision is a foresight bywhich an organization sees where it wants to be in a certain period of time andworks towards it. By Visioning, an organization determines its position in a futurestate (Drucker, 2005). An organization communicates its vision to the employeesand also to the world. The Vision would help the organization to prepare andwork towards where it wants to be in the next few years.

It ensures that theemployees are not lackluster towards the organization set objectives and goalswithin the set period of time.  ByEffective Visioning the hospital wouldn’t have gotten into the scandal they gotthemselves into and they wouldn’t have been dissolved at all.ThisStrategic Planning tools are very important for the success of anyorganization. They the organization and its staff in the direction to follow inorder to achieve their goals.

With these tools, the Mid Staff Hospital wouldhave had a conducive environment enough for its employees and its customers(patients). thereby avoiding any form of public inquiry into their operationsand activities.

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